Thursday, May 5, 2011


OK, this is what 60 looks like:
this is what I wore to A's dance recital, I wanted to dress up a little.....actually anything other than jeans is dressing up for me.

Notice the cute shoes :-), even my daughter loved them. They make my giant feet look stylish. Sweater, tank, pants, and shoes (clearance) courtesy of Kohl's. Today I was near Younkers (the only major clothing store in the area) and I found a dress I like and look good in.....I want a 'do over' for Easter. It's floral, sleeveless with a black 'jacket', perfect for spring or summer. Yes, it has black in it, but only small accents, it's primarily blue, turquoise, green, & fuchsia. Now, I need an event to attend. *wink*


  1. Linda, you look great!!! Love the cute shoes...and you don't look 60!!

  2. Love the shoes! And Pam is right--you don't look 60--you are just too cute~