Monday, June 30, 2014

May & June Pages

Much to my delight I woke up this morning with some ambition.
Last night I made a to-do list and this morning I started crossing things off.....first are these scrapbook pages.
Here are my May and June project life pages.

Please excuse the carpet background. 

I think it will be fun to look back at the year and see what the highlights were. 
I cleaned the stains off my carseats (should have vacuumed, hate that job tho), made some turkey soup, and now to make cookies (gotta love grandkids who sell frozen cookie dough). 
My week is off to a good start, hope yours is too!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Better Weekend Than The Last

For one thing I was feeling human again.

I had a busy week, seems like I was always running someplace or another. I better not complain because the week after this one I'll be quiet, very quiet.
I think I figured out why I am always eating.....I'm not nauseous  ...but my stomach doesn't feel quite right and I think I'll feel better if I eat I do. The tiredness is catching up with me, I'm not as energetic as I was at the start of treatments...but then I never was a superwoman anyway!
Friday night was the Cool City Classic Car Cruise and Kev likes to drive our Solstice convertible in it. 
I was tired and thought about staying home and going to bed early but I decided to go along, it's one of the few things we do together.  Kev estimates about 800 cars drove the 7 mile route from Manitowoc to Two Rivers. It was just the 2 of us, his sarcastic brother wouldn't even talk to/look at Kev because I was with him. At one point my hat flew off....thankfully right into Kev's lap...guess what? I held onto to it the rest of the way. As many cars parked downtown as they could. It's a really nice event with bands (some year I am going to stay and listen to the music) and food. We got something to eat. I tried to eat a hamburger but it tasted nasty to me and was not done. I don't like red meat anymore. On the way to our car we ran into one of the guys I used to work with.....probably the one whom I was closest too. He and his wife both hugged me. (Good for Kev to see that!) It was nice to visit with them for a bit.
Saturday morning I went to a friends, she is making some turbans for me and wanted me to try on her test ones. Her 3 year old grandson was there so we took him and the dogs for a short walk. I got to push the stroller..........I LOVE pushing strollers. Then we sat in her backyard and watched Cal play. I miss that age, but it sure was nice to come home to quiet and have a 9 year old (whom I don't have to watch every minute.)
Today we slept in.....I need to make a point to go to Thursday church church this week!!! 
I't sunny today! Another friend wants to get together with me today....

Have a great Sunday!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Couple Of Good Books

I recently read 2 really good books. 
This first one is about an ordinary, small town, quirky, young woman who is desperate for job and takes work as a care giver/companion to a headstrong, handsome, young, male quadriplegic. 
I'm not going to tell you what happens .....this is all about how their very different lives intertwine.

This was a good book too.
A former soldier moves to an isolated island to be a lighthouse keeper. 
After a few months he marries and moves his young wife with him. 
This tells of their struggles with out any one else around.
One day a boat with a man and a baby washes ashore.....
if you want to know what happens then you'll have to read the book.

I am enjoying reading this summer!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Few Flowers

I worked outside for a bit today.
My flowers need sunshine and warm nights!!!!

 Blossoms like this produce....
 yummy tomatoes like this!!!! 
I love home grown tomatoes!

 I don't know where I got these iris's from...but I love 'em.

 The calendar may say summer but our temperatures do not.
Everyone's gardens around here are way behind this year.
I am not planting as much as usual......1) it's been too cold, 2) I haven't felt well enough to get a lot of things planted, 3) still waiting for an income. 
What will be, will be. 
My garden will be just fine, agree???

Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thoughts On Thursday

My first thought is that it's not last Thursday......this is a much better week.

I like 'fan mail'. Earlier this week I received this note from one of my granddaughters. 

Gee, if it isn't one doctor it's another. I went to the dermatologist on Tuesday because I found some suspicious white spots....sure enough they got zapped. One area on my leg got shaved off, I don't have the results yet.

Why, oh why, is the hair on my legs growing???? It's not fair!!!

Yesterday it was cold, cloudy, just plain gloomy. I kept telling myself that 40% chance of showers really meant 60% dry. It didn't rain but I just felt so blah, shortly after noon I finally decided to do something. I started to tackle the basement.That didn't last long because soon it was time to start supper....then I remembered that I promised my grandson I'd take him to kids night at the park. He did not forget either and called me about off we went. That's the end of cleaning the craft area. Why didn't mom take the boys?... she was not at work. I took one boy and some other family members took the other 2. (things that make me go  HUH???????) I was pleasantly surprised that grandson J handed me a tootsie roll that he chose just for me. They get punches for playing games and then choose small prizes. 

I still have my flowers to plant. Wish me luck!!! Today is sunny and nice so I will get to it.

It's really nice to be able to read, guilt-free, for a good portion of the afternoon.

This is not a very exciting post, kinda nice not to be complaining about anything for a change. And it's nice to be able to do ordinary things, like laundry and cooking.......I AM  a homebody and don't miss work one bit!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope there's a great weekend in your near future!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Dream and Other Trivia

Monday morning I awoke from a dream that actually kind of made sense (to me) and I remembered it. I, and 2 others, one a boy, were shimmying across/above a body of water on a big beam to get into a building. I know we did it twice. The first time I didn't have a problem but the second time I faltered a bit and had to steady myself, but I made it just fine! A couple of small pieces of paper I was holding onto fell into the water but I didn't need those. 
I am taking it to mean that I will get through this just fine....God is telling me this. It's not the first time He has spoken to me in a dream.

When I say I was tired this past week it's not any ol' ordinary's a bone tired, exhausted, used up, can't sleep, foggy, mind boggling kind of tired. It seems to build up as I continue on the dexamethason.....and it accumulates in my body. I can force myself to get up and do some
things, I'm coherent but I don't really remember what I did, it doesn't seem real. One of my friends told me that I didn't look happy....I wasn't, I was drugged.  Maybe someone with a chronic disease or who is taking heavy duty drugs understands, I'm sure I am not the only one who has felt or will feel like this. I have one more round of this type of chemo then I move onto the next one.

 On the way home from the graduation party our grandson asked me if every time I see him (during the next round) that I would feel sick, I, honestly, told him that I don't know. I am very honest with him and answer all of his questions truthfully. I am sure Kev learned a few things from our discussion. I know one thing for sure, our 9 year old grandson knows a lot more about breast cancer and chemo than most adults. I have always taken him seriously and treated him like an intelligent person and not 'just a kid'.

It's another cloudy, foggy day on the lakeshore......Hmmmm....
Appointments this morning
Making dinner tonight..
It's good to be back to 'normal'.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Terrible, Lousy, Rotten Weekend

Pink is an OK color, I like it as well as the next person............but it is MY color now and I'd prefer red or green or blue or purple...but NO! Pink is my color now.
Even at our Craft-cation I got this pink floral hand painted wine bottle. Pretty, eh? Martha is a very talented painter. She gave us each a wine bottle, Thanks Martha!

Guess I need to vent about my weekend..........after all that is what this post is suppose to be about.
You might remember that it had been a bad, sleepless week. Saturday was no better. We had a graduation party to attend and I wanted to make a simple grape salad. I was tired but couldn't sleep and felt like crap. The glass bowl with grapes in it fell on the floor and broke. It's not easy to sweep grapes up....they roll....and I was barefoot, as usual.  It was the last straw, know what I mean? I was crying....thinking what else can go wrong.
Kev comes home and puts a gallon of milk in the fridge and breaks the shelf and starts to I chime in and say that's exactly how I feel. Boy, oh boy.....he tells me I should stop feeling sorry for myself. I really didn't think I had been feeling sorry for myself (except for that morning).  I then told him that I'd be sure to stop feeling sorry for myself and wouldn't burden him anymore! I also explained what it means (to me) for someone to 'be there' for the other person. Nope, I didn't yell or cry, I was calm as can be!!! Kev and I do NOT talk about this at all. :-(
Needless to say it was a long 100 mile drive to and from the party. I didn't talk much to anyone there b/c I was just out of it. 
My sister's friend gives me a big hug upon arriving (I needed that, Lisa) and I almost lost it again. We had our grandson with us and Kev didn't talk to him either. When we got home I made grandson J something to eat and cleaned him up before mom picked him up. 
I slept better Saturday night so thought Sunday would be better. After being on the computer for a while I sat down in the recliner and the next thing I knew I was dozing off.....all day long. I just didn't have any energy. At 5 I went to bed. I watched a little TV but was asleep pretty darn early.
Surprisingly I slept all night and got up about 7 today. Later in the morning I made myself go to the grocery store and get some chicken dumpling soup for fave.  Sometime in the afternoon I turned the corner and started to feel slightly human again. YAY!!! Tomorrow I have a dermatologist appointment and also want to drop some stuff off at the consignment store. 
I did have a pleasant surprise when I came downstairs to the kitchen this morning. Kev had all the dirty dishes washed (there were a lot) and put away. I know that was his way of apologizing.....but why can't he ever use his words????? Remember when your babies are little you tell them to use their words and not just grunts???? When he got home from work he actually asked me how I felt. AMAZING!
I did make some leftovers for dinner, someone has to eat them. Later this week I'm making a turkey. We need some real, good food!
I also did something today that I never do, I just didn't show up for an appointment. I had a lab scheduled for this morning and was waiting for the doctor's office to call me back and let me know if it was necessary. Since I started chemo my labs have only been on the day of treatment and then last week I find out I am scheduled for the next 2 last labs were fabulous. I was tired and decided just not to show up, I could always reschedule for Tuesday if need be. Guess what? I got a call late this afternoon telling me that I was right and the doctor was removing both of the appointments. Great, the less time I have to spend there the better it is.
Here's to a better week ahead!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Of This, Some Of That

And Big Thanks For All Of Your Support And Prayers!!!!
I'm sorry if some of my posts are depressing and negative but I am trying to document this journey as accurately as I can feel it.
Yesterday was a low day for me, I was very tired and when I am tired I am weak and I cry and loose my temper. I started to cry and had to ask Kev for a hug, which he gave me but told me to lay down and get some rest, which I tried for 1/2 hour. What I think I needed was some moral support, but being a guy he tried to 'fix' it. We don't talk much but I am sure it's hard on him too because he lost his first wife to breast cancer. I am totally different from her and so is the way my treatment has been going.  Seems like the men in my life have always left me so I don't depend on them too much. I have some good girlfriends and I have always stressed the importance of girlfriends - but they have lives too. So I have always depended upon myself - too much? I can count on myself and if I screw up I have no one to blame but me!
Anyway, I HATE the Dexamethasome I am taking, I think it is causing me the most problems......I don't need any help maintaining my appetite, it is too darn good the way it is! I can't complain about the nausea maybe I can get my dosage decreased next round? Is that was is causing my sleep problems too? I sleep much better after I am off of it.....who likes waking up in the middle of the night all sweaty.....been there, did that years ago, it's old!
The Prochlorper is taken as needed and I haven't had any since round 1. I think that was giving me the weird dreams and random leg movements at night. 
I am wondering why, when my last blood tests were so wonderful, do I have 2 more scheduled for the upcoming Mondays? I am going to call later in the day to ask about that. 
This afternoon I have an appointment to get my wig fitted, it just doesn't feel right. Everyone likes it so I want to wear it more. 
I should start feeling 'normal' later today....if I get a nap in. I was awake at 1:30 but didn't get up until 4:45......never did see who murdered Marlene's husband on Forensic will be on again. After my chiropractor appointment yesterday I had a nice, short coffee/thrift shop date with a friend  and managed to plant my tomato plant and divide 2 other plants for another friend. I stopped in at book club long enough to have some not so good soup and discuss the book. I was up until after 8 last night, that helps me get back to a normal sleep schedule. I'm a relatively healthy, active person and want to continue in this lifestyle for many more years yet!!!

How Do You Do That?
Several of the bloggers that I leave comments on reply to my comment and it comes back to me in an email. I can't seem to do that, my replies just show up in my you might wanna check back here. But how do you do that???? Inquiring minds wannna know!!!  OK, only my mind wants to know.

It's raining again today....will it clear up so hubby can golf? Guess I'll just wait and see. 
Tomorrow we are off to my nephew's graduation party so I have to look up a recipe, wish me luck!
Have a great weekend if I don't talk to you before hand!!!

Thanks again for all of your prayers and comments!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mixed Up

The first several days/weeks after chemo is rather difficult.
It has me mixing up my days and nights. 
I am so tired during the day but can't sleep. 
Yesterday I really got a lot done considering I was exhausted: I forced myself to flip the mattress, wash the sheets, run an errand, do laundry, and make a homemade supper. But I was in bed by 6:30 and fell asleep about an hour later....then I was awake before 1, laid there for a bit, watched some TV and got up at 3:30 for a snack (but hubby saved me from eating a brownie - they are gone).  Aha, grabbed the rhubarb cake from the freezer, threw some cool whip on top....yummy...hubby won't touch it. Probably not good for me tho.

Darn computer wouldn't let me type so I had to reboot.

Hubby will be up soon for work and I'f been up long enough, let's see if I can squeeze in a n hour or 2 of sleep yet before I REALLY start the day!

Wish me luck!!!

Here's a cute video I saw on facebook this morning/

Older Ladies

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Round 3 - check

These are some of the flowers I got on Saturday that I left to plant......later in the week I should be able to get at it. 
Once again I am at the cancer clinic and blogging away. Today I am getting hydration, something for nausea,  and a Neulasta injection. The nausea isn't too bad, I've been chewing ginger gum and that seems to help. I would like some ginger tabs/mints but can't find them locally. My daughter found some at Trader Joes and World Market.....we aren't close to either place. We are treated so well here......if you're here over the lunch hour you can have soup and a sandwich, otherwise a cookies are passed out, and there is always something to drink. I've seen several former chemo patients come in to see the nurses and they are  welcomed with a smile and hugs. 
 Yesterday my DR said my labs were "gorgeous" so I looked them up and my WBC count is back up well into the normal range, after my first treatment it had fallen to just above acceptable. Could it be the probiotic and vitamins I am taking? Only 2 things were just a smidge high:: glucose (it was lower than what it used to be so I am happy) and one other count that I don't know what it is.
The bad news is that  my hair won't be growing back during the next round of chemo even though it will be much easier. Once a week for 12 weeks I'll be getting Paclitaxel, trastuzumab, and pertuzumab. Then the surgery, then radiation.....and then we're almost done. 
My breast cancer is not the norm because it's HER2 positive, it's aggressive, and at least one lymph node has been affected. But big strides have been made in the treatment of it. The drug trastuzumab is proving to be very beneficial in the treatment of this type of cancer. 
Keep the prayers coming!!!
I'm going to take a couple of more days to TRY to sleep and relax and then hopefully I'll have some ambition back and can get those flowers planted. 

Monday, June 16, 2014


Last week was spent in Ellsworth MN, it was a 'craft-cation'.......crafting nearly non stop.....
Deb picked me up at few minutes after 9AM on Sunday and we were off. 
About 10:15 I took over the driving, we stopped near Berlin to pick up another Debbie. (It was one of her friends who coined the craftcation).
The east/west roads in south/central WI are not the best. But once I got past Tomah we got onto a 4 lane high-way and zoom.............all the way to the west side of MN, nearly to Sioux Falls, SD. After several much needed rest stops we arrived at Judy's house about 7:30PM. We were the last to arrive, they waited for us to have dinner with them. I had briefly met 3 of the other women so it was like being with strangers who love all crafts and are good at them. I stick mainly to papercrafts so it was an adventure.....adventures are good. It was so good to meet them and get to know the women who adopted me into their craft group.
Six women and one man were guests at Judy & Bruce's home. 
Martha and Bill had their lovely motor home parked in the back yard, the rest of us bunked in the house.

one day I wore my wig to show them that I can look like a normal person
found this pic online of some of the islands in the Mississippi River, it's beautiful

Judy, me (I am so use to being the tallest so I am not in the right place), Debbie, Linda Wendy, Martha, Debbie

I am going to TRY to show you what we did:
We painted on tiles (the woman whose project it was told us what we were going to do, but she has an accent and I thought she said towels.....she had these tiny 'towels' for us to paint on. I was wondering where in the world she found 1-1/2" towels. I was relieved to see they were tiles. 
Mine is on the lower left. Many of of us had the other women sign their name on a small tile and are attaching them to a larger tile (for a memento). 

We made cards.

Wine glass charms

Book marks

My pair and a coaster, we applied tacky glue (I did not use my fingers - I don't like getting dirty) and wrapped twine around a light bulb for the pear. 

No sew fabric bowls, one of my favorite projects.

We wrapped 50' clothesline ropes with fabric scraps ripped to 1" wide and used hot glue to attach the fabric every so often and then attach the ropes together. I watched at you tube video and got the idea for the 'fancy' way to end the bowl. 

Bells made from wine or beer bottle tops. I like this project, except for the painting part. 
I am NOT a painter. We used a glass bead for the clacker and then strung other beads all the way along the fishing line to the top. 
 We painted designs on the bottoms of the bottles and will attach solar lights to the top.

 Felties, they're about 3" tall, pretty cute.

We made photo transfers onto canvas using a laser print. I liked it, but it is time consuming. I do plan to make some more. 
  Adorable paper ornaments.
 CD hangers

This was my project: bottle cap ornaments. I wish I would have taken individual photos, they are so darn cute!

Windsocks made with ribbon. 

 Necklace made with paracord, it's suppose to be a heart. 

bracelets, it took a while, but I finally got it!
Deb made a really cute red & purple one. I'd like one for Red Hats too.
She gave me the pink one she made. 

There are probably more projects that I haven't unpacked yet. 
There was a LOT of talking going on, some wine drinking, even eating. 
I'm a quiet person and am better talking one on one than in a group. A couple of times I took a break to sit on the deck and get some fresh air, or just snuck away for some time alone, I also hate being cooped up inside all day.
On the way home I wanted to stop at the SPAM museum in Austin MN, it wasn't out of our way so we made it our lunch stop. NO, we did not have spam burgers for lunch, we walked to a nearby restaurant. 

We didn't spend much time there, I wish I could have. I think it would have been interesting, it's a unique product that seems to be standing the test of time. I counted 15 varieties, not including meals, single servings, or spread. Hormel produces 44,000 cans per hour.
We left friday morning shortly after 9 and arrived home after 8PM. I'm not sure how many miles the trip is, but we drove from the east coast of WI to within 40 miles of the western border of MN. We made one meal stop and several bathroom stops along the way. I drove all the way home and didn't mind one bit.....well highway 21 isn't the best road, but it got us there.
It was a fun week, but I am glad to be home.

Thanks for stopping by!
Now I have to head over to Deb's blog and read her take on the week. If we blog about the same thing I never read hers before I write mine so I am not influenced, in fact I didn't know that we have the same title....oh well.....GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE, right???

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Annual Garden Fair

 Saturday my friend and I went to the local garden fair. I've gone for the past 2 years and it's pretty neat. This year I asked Carolee to go with me, it was her first time and I don't think it will be her last time. There is a greenhouse that brings in a truckload of really nice flowers at a great price. There are also many, many other places that have flowers and garden things for sale. Usually I don't buy many plants but this year I knew I needed to because I am way behind with my was a cold spring, I've been gone several times, or I just didn't feel good. I picked up 2 boxes of flowers......more work for me....that's OK, I like my flowers.
 We saw several people walking  around with big flowered hats on.
A little later in the morning we found where they were making the hats for a donation to the men's shelter.

 I decided I wanted a custom made paper mache here I am getting one made espcially for me.

A guy from the newspaper took a picture of the process. 
I am not sure if I made it in the newspaper or not. 

 It really is cute!
I wore it all day.

 Some of the air plants we saw, Carolee loves air plants.

I like the ones in frames. 

 Tomorrow is my dreaded 3rd chemo, over 1/2 way through with this round when it's over. It's a good thing I don't have much planned for this week.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thinking of You

Got this card in the mail the other day from one of my Red Hat's from the group but one of the gals is pretty talented and she made it.
I love these kinds of surprises in my mailbox. 

I should be in Minnesota by now, Deb was picking me up at 9, then we'll pick up another Debbie and shoot across WI and MN to Judy's house where we'll craft to our heart's content.
This road trip to MN is my last trip this summer. That's OK, there are many day trips I'd like to take.
I am not really a crafter of all crafts.....I stick to my cards and we'll see what my projects look like. I don't have any idea of what we'll be doing.

Have a great week, I plan to!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Catching Up

I'm still behind......but I am catching up with my Project Life type of scrapbook I am making for  2014. 
Here's March.

Yes, I am aware that my son in law's and grandson heads are cut off.....bad grandma :-(

I need to print 3 pictures of Nashville and then May will be done.
Me in a hat or wig? Maybe
Me in the chemo chair? NO!

I think if you click on the photo you can read my journaling....sorry if that doesn't work.

Hubby does not work on fridays, so they seem lke saturdays to me....or is it because I am not working anymore that every day seems like saturday?????
Some friends of his stopped over in the afternoon and we had a nice visit and lots of laughter.
It was so wonderful to sit in the sunshine on the deck.

Today I HAVE to pack and get ready for a road trip to the far side of Minnesota for a girls craft week.
It should be fun.........keep your eyes open for new posts of lotsa crafty stuff!
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Several times a week I get a card or 2 in the mail.
Here are a couple of the latest ones.

Don't they just make you smile?

 So much better than bills....or the coupons I keep getting from Kohl's (because I am trying to stay out of retail stores).

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy beginning of the weekend!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

Let's look on the bright side:
I don't have to shave my legs anymore.
There's no waiting for my hair to dry in the morning before I run errands.
It doesn't take much shampoo to shampoo a bald head. 
I'm saving money on hair cuts and color.
I don't worry if I'll have a good hair day.

I was wearing a very flimsy scarf yesterday and I lost it that's one item I don't have to stress over 'keep or donate'.
If I'm napping and the dirty dishes are waiting Kev will often wash them.
I have a good excuse for those 'senior moments' aka chemo brain.
The mail man is bringing me lots of pretty cards.
If I feel like reading all day I don't feel guilty. 

Just a few  'benefits' of having breast cancer.