Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Of This, Some Of That

And Big Thanks For All Of Your Support And Prayers!!!!
I'm sorry if some of my posts are depressing and negative but I am trying to document this journey as accurately as I can feel it.
Yesterday was a low day for me, I was very tired and when I am tired I am weak and I cry and loose my temper. I started to cry and had to ask Kev for a hug, which he gave me but told me to lay down and get some rest, which I tried for 1/2 hour. What I think I needed was some moral support, but being a guy he tried to 'fix' it. We don't talk much but I am sure it's hard on him too because he lost his first wife to breast cancer. I am totally different from her and so is the way my treatment has been going.  Seems like the men in my life have always left me so I don't depend on them too much. I have some good girlfriends and I have always stressed the importance of girlfriends - but they have lives too. So I have always depended upon myself - too much? I can count on myself and if I screw up I have no one to blame but me!
Anyway, I HATE the Dexamethasome I am taking, I think it is causing me the most problems......I don't need any help maintaining my appetite, it is too darn good the way it is! I can't complain about the nausea maybe I can get my dosage decreased next round? Is that was is causing my sleep problems too? I sleep much better after I am off of it.....who likes waking up in the middle of the night all sweaty.....been there, did that years ago, it's old!
The Prochlorper is taken as needed and I haven't had any since round 1. I think that was giving me the weird dreams and random leg movements at night. 
I am wondering why, when my last blood tests were so wonderful, do I have 2 more scheduled for the upcoming Mondays? I am going to call later in the day to ask about that. 
This afternoon I have an appointment to get my wig fitted, it just doesn't feel right. Everyone likes it so I want to wear it more. 
I should start feeling 'normal' later today....if I get a nap in. I was awake at 1:30 but didn't get up until 4:45......never did see who murdered Marlene's husband on Forensic will be on again. After my chiropractor appointment yesterday I had a nice, short coffee/thrift shop date with a friend  and managed to plant my tomato plant and divide 2 other plants for another friend. I stopped in at book club long enough to have some not so good soup and discuss the book. I was up until after 8 last night, that helps me get back to a normal sleep schedule. I'm a relatively healthy, active person and want to continue in this lifestyle for many more years yet!!!

How Do You Do That?
Several of the bloggers that I leave comments on reply to my comment and it comes back to me in an email. I can't seem to do that, my replies just show up in my you might wanna check back here. But how do you do that???? Inquiring minds wannna know!!!  OK, only my mind wants to know.

It's raining again today....will it clear up so hubby can golf? Guess I'll just wait and see. 
Tomorrow we are off to my nephew's graduation party so I have to look up a recipe, wish me luck!
Have a great weekend if I don't talk to you before hand!!!

Thanks again for all of your prayers and comments!


  1. You always put on such a tough act. You know that if you call me and tell me you are down, I will do my best to cheer you up! Dexamethasone is probably the culprit in your lack of sleep. It made me jumpy too. Do you take it in the morning? That might help.

  2. I love the way you are so open and honest and real in your blog. Who cares if you let us know you're down and depressed...if that's the way you feel, that's the way you feel. You have every right to feel that way...don't apologize. It's okay. We understand. We're on this journey together.

  3. I didn't do anti nausea.but they are a bitch! You know how my blog goes I am a big fan of letting it all hang out :-) as for the email it is in settings. I get email alerts but not direct emails unless I email a person directly our visa versa. YOU are a lovely spirit. And you deserve all the love and help the people in your life want to give.I have tried to explain to my hubby there is no fixes just getting through. Thank you for sharing!!