Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Dream and Other Trivia

Monday morning I awoke from a dream that actually kind of made sense (to me) and I remembered it. I, and 2 others, one a boy, were shimmying across/above a body of water on a big beam to get into a building. I know we did it twice. The first time I didn't have a problem but the second time I faltered a bit and had to steady myself, but I made it just fine! A couple of small pieces of paper I was holding onto fell into the water but I didn't need those. 
I am taking it to mean that I will get through this just fine....God is telling me this. It's not the first time He has spoken to me in a dream.

When I say I was tired this past week it's not any ol' ordinary tired.....it's a bone tired, exhausted, used up, can't sleep, foggy, mind boggling kind of tired. It seems to build up as I continue on the dexamethason.....and it accumulates in my body. I can force myself to get up and do some
things, I'm coherent but I don't really remember what I did, it doesn't seem real. One of my friends told me that I didn't look happy....I wasn't, I was drugged.  Maybe someone with a chronic disease or who is taking heavy duty drugs understands, I'm sure I am not the only one who has felt or will feel like this. I have one more round of this type of chemo then I move onto the next one.

 On the way home from the graduation party our grandson asked me if every time I see him (during the next round) that I would feel sick, I, honestly, told him that I don't know. I am very honest with him and answer all of his questions truthfully. I am sure Kev learned a few things from our discussion. I know one thing for sure, our 9 year old grandson knows a lot more about breast cancer and chemo than most adults. I have always taken him seriously and treated him like an intelligent person and not 'just a kid'.

It's another cloudy, foggy day on the lakeshore......Hmmmm....
Appointments this morning
Making dinner tonight..
It's good to be back to 'normal'.


  1. That was what it got from your telling of the dream also. The things that drugs can do to you! Why do healthy people choose to feel like that when they don't need it? So glad that you are back to "normal."

  2. Dreams can be beneficial if you remember them and understand them.I never remember mine. Also, I love the way you talk with Jalen. I personally like talking to him too. Cool kid!!! (tell him I said so.)

  3. Glad you are feeling back to normal for a bit! I know what you are going through is tough, but you make it seem like it's no big eal! You are such a strong, positive, and amazing lady! Prayers my friend!

    Blessings, Vicky