Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Better Weekend Than The Last

For one thing I was feeling human again.

I had a busy week, seems like I was always running someplace or another. I better not complain because the week after this one I'll be quiet, very quiet.
I think I figured out why I am always eating.....I'm not nauseous  ...but my stomach doesn't feel quite right and I think I'll feel better if I eat I do. The tiredness is catching up with me, I'm not as energetic as I was at the start of treatments...but then I never was a superwoman anyway!
Friday night was the Cool City Classic Car Cruise and Kev likes to drive our Solstice convertible in it. 
I was tired and thought about staying home and going to bed early but I decided to go along, it's one of the few things we do together.  Kev estimates about 800 cars drove the 7 mile route from Manitowoc to Two Rivers. It was just the 2 of us, his sarcastic brother wouldn't even talk to/look at Kev because I was with him. At one point my hat flew off....thankfully right into Kev's lap...guess what? I held onto to it the rest of the way. As many cars parked downtown as they could. It's a really nice event with bands (some year I am going to stay and listen to the music) and food. We got something to eat. I tried to eat a hamburger but it tasted nasty to me and was not done. I don't like red meat anymore. On the way to our car we ran into one of the guys I used to work with.....probably the one whom I was closest too. He and his wife both hugged me. (Good for Kev to see that!) It was nice to visit with them for a bit.
Saturday morning I went to a friends, she is making some turbans for me and wanted me to try on her test ones. Her 3 year old grandson was there so we took him and the dogs for a short walk. I got to push the stroller..........I LOVE pushing strollers. Then we sat in her backyard and watched Cal play. I miss that age, but it sure was nice to come home to quiet and have a 9 year old (whom I don't have to watch every minute.)
Today we slept in.....I need to make a point to go to Thursday church church this week!!! 
I't sunny today! Another friend wants to get together with me today....

Have a great Sunday!!!


  1. So glad to hear you have had a good weekend! Sounds like a fun one too...:) Hope your week is just as good!

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. Human again! My Mom and Dad go to tons of car shows. They collect and restore really old cars... He's handicapped and in a wheel chair but still manages to get the work done.I'm so afraid he's going to hurt himself. Anyways.... I hope you have a good week and I know what you mean about coming home to a 9 year youngest is 9.... a sweet age. Take care!