Saturday, June 7, 2014

Catching Up

I'm still behind......but I am catching up with my Project Life type of scrapbook I am making for  2014. 
Here's March.

Yes, I am aware that my son in law's and grandson heads are cut off.....bad grandma :-(

I need to print 3 pictures of Nashville and then May will be done.
Me in a hat or wig? Maybe
Me in the chemo chair? NO!

I think if you click on the photo you can read my journaling....sorry if that doesn't work.

Hubby does not work on fridays, so they seem lke saturdays to me....or is it because I am not working anymore that every day seems like saturday?????
Some friends of his stopped over in the afternoon and we had a nice visit and lots of laughter.
It was so wonderful to sit in the sunshine on the deck.

Today I HAVE to pack and get ready for a road trip to the far side of Minnesota for a girls craft week.
It should be fun.........keep your eyes open for new posts of lotsa crafty stuff!
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love your photo journals! Have fun at your craft retreat. Is Deb going with you? Lucky girl(s). xo Diana