Monday, June 2, 2014

I Read

What do I do when I feel lethargic?
Last week the weather was beautiful so I sat outside on the deck and read and then I read some more; because 1) I needed spoiling, 2) it was a good book, 3) what  was my alternative? TV?
The first book I read was AN AMERICAN WOMAN IN PAKISTAN. I bought this from the author when we were in Reno . There was an authors/book convention at the hotel so one afternoon I stopped in to check it out. 
As a young wife and mother of two little boys, Irene, 22, moves 1/2 way across the world in the early '60's. Her husband's company won a contract to build a huge, much needed dam and they lived there for 2-1/2 years.  It was an interesting, informative read.

I took a break from the weeding and needed another started our book club selection. 
Kimberly and her mother are brought here from Hong Kong by Kimberly's aunt, who puts them to work in the sweatshop she and her husband own. Kimberly knows she is the only way out for her mother and works unbelievably hard to make her dream come true. It is an amazing and heartbreaking story.

I'm really looking forward to the discussion at book club, but I'm not sure if I'll feel like attending. Time will tell.
I haven't started anything new yet.....I can't believe I've read 2 complete books in about 5 days, it's usually a struggle to finish the book club selection in time to discuss it.

Today was a good day....for the most part......I got drenched while running errands this morning. 
I had a chiropractor appointment in the afternoon. I called lots of them and he was the only one who talked to me about treating a cancer patient. I really liked him....and my back feels better. I have another appointment on friday. I was really looking for a massage, but insurance won't cover it. I'll have to check my budget and see if I can work one in.
Tomorrow I need to stay home and get something done around here. Next week I'll be gone all week...and then we start the chemo thing all over again.

So send some ambition my way!!!

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  1. How about I send you some ambition as well as some permission to take it easy, too.
    Sending gentle cyber hugs to you!