Sunday, June 1, 2014

That Look

Not THE look, but that look.
While I was still working one of my bosses told me I just had that look.
What look am I talking about?
The look of a chemo patient.
He couldn't explain it and I didn't understand at first, but now I do.
As I was looking in the mirror one day and about to put some make up on I knew what he meant.
My eyes appear sunken and my skin is pasty looking.
Yes, this is the look I see  on other breast cancer  patients in the chemo area.
As for myself I know I have a different look on my face also; more of a sad/solemn/pained/determined look (if I try to describe it.)
When I come downstairs in the morning I'm not singing "Zippity do da, Zippity ee ay" every morning like I use to.
As expected, this 2nd round of chemo has taken a bit longer to recover from, but I did recover from it. 
Only 2 more rounds of this drug to conquer, then I have 12 weeks of another very scary drug to take. (I don't think I should have read the side effects.)
Thursday and Friday I spent most of my afternoon on the deck kind of day!!!
Friday night I wanted to attend my nephew's graduation, Deb was going to go with me (Kev was out of town). At the last minute I cancelled, I was just too tired to drive the 100 miles there and then drive home after 9PM. I even took a nap in the afternoon.
Saturday morning Deb and I went to a couple of rummages sales and finished with a little lunch at DQ. In the afternoon I got over 1/2 of my flowers weeded. That needed to be done, it was the first time this spring that I was able to do so. My friend, Michele, invited me over for chicken enchiladas for supper. Jalen and I were there for a couple of hours. The boys played outside with the neighbor boys and we chatted inside. Before we left my nephew and his wife stopped over and we had a nice visit with them. Deanna is such a nice young woman. They are expecting their first child later this year and are also buying a house. Happy for them!!!
Yesterday a church friend dropped off some homemade soup, rhubarb (what will I make with it?), and a bouquet of lilacs. My lilacs did not make it through the winter :-( so they are much appreciated!!!
This morning grandson J is still asleep, Kev is upstairs, and I am quietly typing away as I watch the calico cat look for food on my deck, the hummingbird flit around a flower, and the finches and sparrows at my birdfeeder. I do need different bird seed, I don't have as many birds here as I use to (since I filled it with a different kind of seed). We won't make church this morning so I'm having another cup of tea while I enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Feeling blessed in WI as I am able to enjoy 2 weeks of 'normalcy'.
BTW I love retirement!!!!


  1. I knew you would love retirement. Isn't it grand? Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I hope he meant the look of a beautiful woman of HOPE! That's what I see!

  3. I am glad you are in recovery mode, Linda. I know what you mean about "that look"...but, guess what? When you are all done with chemo that "look" goes away and you return to being just a regular old OLD-you know what I mean.

    I am glad you only have two more treatments but I bet you are nervous about the 12 week round coming up. Just one day at a time, girl-one mountain to scale at a time. You can do it. Glad you are loving retirement. xo Diana

  4. No matter what, I am still so glad you are enjoying retirement. ((HUGS))