Monday, June 23, 2014

A Terrible, Lousy, Rotten Weekend

Pink is an OK color, I like it as well as the next person............but it is MY color now and I'd prefer red or green or blue or purple...but NO! Pink is my color now.
Even at our Craft-cation I got this pink floral hand painted wine bottle. Pretty, eh? Martha is a very talented painter. She gave us each a wine bottle, Thanks Martha!

Guess I need to vent about my weekend..........after all that is what this post is suppose to be about.
You might remember that it had been a bad, sleepless week. Saturday was no better. We had a graduation party to attend and I wanted to make a simple grape salad. I was tired but couldn't sleep and felt like crap. The glass bowl with grapes in it fell on the floor and broke. It's not easy to sweep grapes up....they roll....and I was barefoot, as usual.  It was the last straw, know what I mean? I was crying....thinking what else can go wrong.
Kev comes home and puts a gallon of milk in the fridge and breaks the shelf and starts to I chime in and say that's exactly how I feel. Boy, oh boy.....he tells me I should stop feeling sorry for myself. I really didn't think I had been feeling sorry for myself (except for that morning).  I then told him that I'd be sure to stop feeling sorry for myself and wouldn't burden him anymore! I also explained what it means (to me) for someone to 'be there' for the other person. Nope, I didn't yell or cry, I was calm as can be!!! Kev and I do NOT talk about this at all. :-(
Needless to say it was a long 100 mile drive to and from the party. I didn't talk much to anyone there b/c I was just out of it. 
My sister's friend gives me a big hug upon arriving (I needed that, Lisa) and I almost lost it again. We had our grandson with us and Kev didn't talk to him either. When we got home I made grandson J something to eat and cleaned him up before mom picked him up. 
I slept better Saturday night so thought Sunday would be better. After being on the computer for a while I sat down in the recliner and the next thing I knew I was dozing off.....all day long. I just didn't have any energy. At 5 I went to bed. I watched a little TV but was asleep pretty darn early.
Surprisingly I slept all night and got up about 7 today. Later in the morning I made myself go to the grocery store and get some chicken dumpling soup for fave.  Sometime in the afternoon I turned the corner and started to feel slightly human again. YAY!!! Tomorrow I have a dermatologist appointment and also want to drop some stuff off at the consignment store. 
I did have a pleasant surprise when I came downstairs to the kitchen this morning. Kev had all the dirty dishes washed (there were a lot) and put away. I know that was his way of apologizing.....but why can't he ever use his words????? Remember when your babies are little you tell them to use their words and not just grunts???? When he got home from work he actually asked me how I felt. AMAZING!
I did make some leftovers for dinner, someone has to eat them. Later this week I'm making a turkey. We need some real, good food!
I also did something today that I never do, I just didn't show up for an appointment. I had a lab scheduled for this morning and was waiting for the doctor's office to call me back and let me know if it was necessary. Since I started chemo my labs have only been on the day of treatment and then last week I find out I am scheduled for the next 2 last labs were fabulous. I was tired and decided just not to show up, I could always reschedule for Tuesday if need be. Guess what? I got a call late this afternoon telling me that I was right and the doctor was removing both of the appointments. Great, the less time I have to spend there the better it is.
Here's to a better week ahead!


  1. So glad you are feeling better after the weekend. Sorry about the grapes, but I did chuckle thinking about how I would have picked them up off the floor. And as for breaking the fridge shelf, I have always wondered how strong those glass shelves really are. Not strong enough! My hub just emptied the dishwasher. For me that is often better than a kiss. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Linda, I am so very sorry about your weekend... you are going through something huge! Please don't forget that...hugs