Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Sunny Saturday

The last few days have been just beautiful here....a person couldn't ask for better weather!!!  It was 80 degrees when I was driving home at 3PM.  I love sunny, warm weather so you can imagine my delight when saturday was more of the same....I was off to watch my oldest granddaughter run cross country. The meet is 2 hours away and I had to be there before 9 so I left at 6:45AM, even earlier than I do for work. As I watched the sunrise in my rearview mirror I was extremely glad I was headed west. The bright, orange, orb behind me was gorgeous. 
For a change I was there early.....even before her mom and before the bus arrived. For some strange reason the bus driver got lost on the way there (maybe an hour away) so the kids did not get a look at the course ahead of time or much of a chance to warm up. 

Just look at the beautiful park where they ran. I hung out with mom and the other parents of the team members. We cheered them on as they started, then walked across the park to watch as they ran near the stream, and then back to watch them end the race at the same stop they started. T did not run her best, her knee was bothering her. I am so happy that the grands participate in some sport or activity, it doesn't have to be a team sport, 2 of my grands are in dance.

 A cross country race doesn't last long.....T's time was 17 minutes....the total time I was there was about an hour. My daughter in law asked if I wanted to check out  Call it new Call it antique in Stevens Point. 
DIL thought she could find the place easily so I was following her...but we drove longer than expected so I asked Onstar. It was pretty funny....I'm talking to my DIL (in front of me) and relaying the directions to Connie.....we arrived in about 2 minutes. Wow, what a great store, 3 floors of stuff. It's a consignment & antique store that my daughter is familiar with. The 3 of us looked around for quite a while, T was looking for a dress and shoes but she didn't find any. As we checked out we saw the farmers market outside of the front door. We looked around the market and saw  delicious looking vegetables, I even bought some fresh sweet corn and it was delicious!!! There were bouquets and bouquets of pretty. If I hadn't had such a long day ahead of me yet I would have picked some up for my table.
My daughter lives about 20 minutes from where the meet was held so after my DIL and granddaughter had lunch I went to visit my other grandkids.  

The cutie below loves to cut. When I was at her house she was erasing MOM XOXO off the front of an envelope (she gives mom mail every day)....we thought she was going to give me the 'mail' but I never got it. *sad face*

 Here's A, the granddaughter that visited us this summer. While she was here she made a ton of  God's eyes and ornaments to sell and donate the proceeds to the humane society. She sold a few. After their garage sale her mom was contacted by a museum that was looking for items made my children to sell, so Amy sent them A's crafts. One day A received a check for $25 for the bracelets, bookmarks, ornaments, and God's eyes that she made. She's also on student council, (her 2nd year) and is a captain for the safety patrol. 
She's also into fashion, her she has her model with the dress design pinned onto it. 
Splittin' image of her mom.
 What a fashion show the girls put on, we made sure to clap...and we laughed.
 My oldest grandchild with his shorter mom.....
 I guess he is taller than I am too. 
Yup, he's a teenager and a darn nice kid!!
I am so proud of these kids, they are not the kind to ask for stuff all the time. When T's mom said 'no' to something she wanted she wasn't happy but she got over it quickly (ok she's nearly 13) and when she didn't get anything at the consignment shop she just said "I don't need anything". That's a pleasant contrast to our 8 year old grandson who wants everything, all the time.

After a 2 hour drive home I picked up our grandson at my friends house and we came home and had corn on the cob for supper. He loves it and so I do. It's the last time we'll have it this year. He spent the night again. Hubby had to work today and then he went golfing after work so we didn't see him all day. It was another perfect day and I decided to wash the windows. I got all of the downstairs windows washed, except for the ones with screens that I couldn't remove. I'll need hubby's help....and the $64,000 question is ...can I get him to do so???

My weekend was filled with grandkids and I truly enjoyed it. Tomorrow brings the usual errands and grocery shopping.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Decorating

Thursday was my day off and it was a perfect autumn day! 
I had to pick up a prescription so, of course, my car stopped at the thrift store on the way past. I returned something that I bought on Monday but was too lazy to try on. I found plenty of items and used up my credit. On the way home I 
stopped at a couple of garages, I did not look for them, they were on the way! And I found a thatching rake for my hubby....ours broke and he couldn't find one anywhere.

When I got home, around noon, I immediately found my capris and donned them. I decided that I was NOT going to spend my afternoon inside so I put up some of my autumn decorations and made another Junk O'lantern. ***hint*** When purchasing E6000 glue look at the color, it also comes in white and I didn't know I had to be very careful (which is not my nature) when glueing junk on my orange junk o'lantern.

Last week I planted flowers in these kids plastic pails. I saw this idea last year on someone's front porch and planned to do it myself this year. All mums would be ideal, I had some, but not enough so I used what I had on hand. I love it!

 I repainted the banner orange and was lucky that the wording showew through so I just had to write over it with a sharpie. This scarecrow is getting old, but is good for another year. 
 Even Mother Nature is decorating for fall....???? I've never seen this many or this big of fungi in our yard before.
 The jack o'lantern planters were moved to the front door. 
 The geraniums are beautiful. My grandma always had geraniums and I hated I know why she loved them, and I do too!
  I just love the bright colors.....the sunshine helps too.

 This is one of the mums I have in a pot.....I know I need to plant it in the ground...soon.
I'm glad I was able to take advantage of this sunny, warm, perfect autumn day. How many more are in the future??? Lots, I hope!

Saturday I'll be off bright and early to watch my oldest granddaughter run in a cross country meet. It'll be my first time. She's running very near where my daughter lives so when the meet is over I am gong to my daughters to visit my other grandkids. I might need the remainder of the weekend to rest up.....wish me luck!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

Guess what? I found my soapbox! It's not a good or a bad thing, it just is........

Call me old fashioned or a prude but I do not like kids sitting on a barstool at a bar. For instance, the family goes to into a bar or small dinner club, the adults sit down and order a drink, and the children claim a barstool also. It's OK if they are the only ones in the establishment but not OK if the kids are taking seats away from adults. That's just how I feel, I guess because I was raised that way. If my parents took us to a bar we had to sit at the table and I still feel that's what is proper.

I also feel that a younger person, especially a child, should offer their seat to an older person. Isn't it good manners to let your elder have the best seat? or the person who has any kind of physical handicap? That's how I was raised. During that time it was more 'kids are to be seen and not heard'. Not that I want society to revert back to that mindset but  we need a little bit of that.....less 'me me me' and a little more 'you', at least teach children to respect their elders; we need more thoughtful, willing to work, and less of the 'I deserve it' attitude.

I also believe it's the polite thing  to offer a guest, the other person, or my husband the best portion of food or drink. Unfortunately that means I often get the leftovers, and sometimes I'd rather not have them....but I don't believe in wasting

My thoughts may not be popular but they are my thoughts! Wanna share yours?

FYI - just 4 months from today Christmas will be over.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Junk O'Lanterns

My friend asked if I called these junk o'lanterns.....I think it's an appropriate name so that is what they are called. They are easy and cheap to make. No, it's not my original idea...saw it on Pinterest. 
I used old pot lids that I picked up at a thrift store. I was shopping with a friend and she thought  I just knew what sizes I needed and wanted 3 lids. I laughed and said 'no' and told her my plans. The only other thing I had to purchase was the orange spray paint. On all three of them I used the handles for the nose (I could have removed 2 and used something else). Some of the junk came from the trash pail at work and some from home. The smile on the one on the right is a broken bracelet watch band. I used E6000 glue. I have to confess that a couple of the heavier items fell off....the glue held, it was the paint that did not stick to the metal. A friend of mine tried this and she painted the lids with gesso first, I have one more lid and I lightly sanded that one before I painted it. I've seen these made with old cake pans too.

OK, I am giving in....I know it's autumn and I have to start cooking again. I hope we all have nice weather for a couple of months yet. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ethnic Fest

Saturday was the annual Ethnic Fest here. It's a big deal, people come from all over the state......main street is shut down for the day and is full of vendors,  food, and craft booths. I love to go every year, and this year was no different. 
Deb and I left later in the cool, partly cloudy morning. When the sun shone it was nice, but when the e dark clouds took over it was cold.
I loved this metal pumpkin totem for $25. I didn't purchase anything (other than food).
Several musicians and dancers entertain the visitors to Ethnic Fest. Since I am a fair weather friend I did not want to sit and watch any of the entertainment.

Heading into the food court area....that's the best part - the ethnic foods. Years ago small size portions were offered but the past few years only the larger, meal size plates are for sale. I enjoyed an egg roll, gyros, and a YUMMY banana /strawberry crepe. very first crepe!
I saw some beautiful wooden bowls.They were smooth as glass and not cheap.
One innovative woman made these gorgeous brooches/pendants with old jewelry. She used a lot of big, old earrings in her designs. If I remember correctly they were about $25 each.

It was fun to go and look around, I look forward to it every year. I planned only to buy something to eat.....I don't need anything and am trying not to spend extra money. 

This afternoon I went out to dinner with some extended family for their mom's/grandma's/great grandma's birthday. She's 94! Then we all went over to Deb's house for cake & ice cream. Hubby came over when he finished work. Our youngest granddaughter was there too, it was good to see her. She is quite a character! Now we're home and I am enjoying the quiet.....I took 2 of our grandsons with me to celebrate their great-grandma's birthday.

It's the start of a new week, nothing eventful is on my calender....working 3 days....drat!!! I hope the weather is nice tomorrow for my day off! remember, I LOVE sunshine! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Fun

 Saturday morning I had high hopes of working on a project outdoors and doing some cleaning/organizing. It felt like fall, the air was coolish in the morning but sunny. Before noon I received a phone call from my grandson asking if he and his brothers could come over for the afternoon. Can I say 'no'? I never have all 3,  and VERY seldom have the 3 year old.....but they all came over before lunch time. The 9 year old is pretty active, the 8 year old is a couch potato and is here often, the little one can be ....ah....umm.....naughty. Since it was a nice day the boys were able to play outside. They dragged out a few things and actually put almost all of it back. 

 The little trampoline is always a hit with the little ones. See the nice, new, neutral fence our neighbors put in as a backdrop for my flowers? We love it! It's much better than the overgrown hedge that it replaced.
 He is an adventurous kid.
 They had fun making a human sandwich....the older boys are the bottom layer (bread), then lettuce, mayo, pickles....and whatever is piled on. After this last blanket went on the little one jumped on top. He loves the  'Human Sandwich' game. It is not grandma's favorite game.
 He opened his birthday present and liked the new fact he wanted to wear the new Thomas the train he did. 
 The bin of musical instruments came out, a band was formed, and the neighborhood was alive with the 'sound of music'.
Don't all kids love play-do? 

I did get the project, that I was working on, finished. They boys were pretty good, although the little one and I had several 'talks' while he sat and I made sure he looked at me as I explained why he was on the chair. Sometimes he just needs a little personal attention. After the 3 & 9 year old were picked up J insisted that he go to his cousin's house. They had made plans for a sleepover 2 weeks ago and it didn't work out. Michele graciously allowed the sleepover at her house. I was worried because often the boys argue then N won't play with him and J wants to go home. Michele survived the night, even though several times she had to tell her son to be quiet. We had J all day, as usual. Today it rained most of the day so we stayed inside and even took a nap. 
Now everyone is gone, the living room has been vacuumed and put back together, and it's pretty quiet with just hubby and me at home. I think I'll call it a day. It's a new week......make it a great one!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

What I've Been Reading

In The Company Of Secrets was a free book I downloaded onto my Nook. The young kitchen worker is being threatened by the chef and wants to get away. She runs away from England  to America with Lady Charlotte, who is pregnant with a married man's child, who just happens to live in the city they go to. Oliva has a fake letter of recommendation from Lady Charlotte's mother. One lie just leads to another....... This is the first in a series about  the city of Pullman. I enjoyed the book. 

Our Latest book club selection was Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. A couple of the gals did  not finish it or care for it, they thought it was too slow moving and the characters were confusing. If I don't get it I just skim....right or wrong? Don't know, it just works for me. It's set in England. A very proper widow falls in love with a Pakistani shop owner. I found it interesting to read about how the retired widow falls for a woman from a totally different culture, the different struggles each faces...because he is older and very proper, his son is quite a social climber, father and son don't relate well to each other, and of course, how the friends and family of each react to the relationship between the Major and Jasmina. 

The Major also has a dilemma regarding a pair of antique handguns that were his father's. Upon his brothers death the Major was to receive the 2nd gun in the set, but his sister in law seems to be rather greedy and wants to sell the one gun.
I recommend this book. Have you read it? What did you think?

Thursday, September 12, 2013


As a postscript to my last post I want to say I am feeling better, more like myself, and wanting to do something.
Monday afternoon I went to the Stampin' Up stamp-along and made these cards. Since it is football season and (Green Bay) Packer fans are cheeseheads, I'd say this birthday card is totally appropriate! After I put it together I noticed how symmetrical the black holes are....I would have never done that on purpose.
It may be a bit early but there were several Halloween cards to make. This one uses Washi tape....the rough, torn edges are on purpose.

This fall card is suppose to have a sentiment on it...but for some reason I didn't add it. I often add my own later. 

Pizza birthday card.....perfect for the teen in your life???
I added a couple of ribbons to the top of the O....not sure if it is quite right.

I saved the scraps from the BOO when I made the above card and used them to make this. It could be a card front (it's large) or a scrapbook page title. I actually found a VERY similar orange paper here to cut out with my oval punch for the center of the Os.

After work on wednesday I went to book club....we drank sangria, we talked, we ate and barely discussed the book. I think that's because the gal who usually leads the discussion did not like or finish the book. I and the gal I was sitting next to enjoyed it. 
Today I was off and attended to the usual housework and errands. It was a great day to hang out bedding. I put my 'new' (thrift store) quilt on the is suppose to get down to the 40's tonight. That's quite a change from the 94 that we had on tuesday. I also worked on a project that I'll blog about a little later. 
Tomorrow I have a day of vacation. I don't have anything special planned, but since I am feeling somewhat ambitions again I am sure I'll find something to do!!! Wish me luck!

Happy Weekend
and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


That's how my weekend has been so far - just plain CRAPTASTIC. I usually don't post when I am depressed or in a bad mood, but neither applies this weekend. I had 2 glorious days off and to myself with which I could have accomplished a lot....but I did not. I am sure that is one of the reasons I feel craptastic.....I feel best when something gets done. I did force myself to clean out 2 junk drawers (one had glue spilled on the bottom) as I searched for mouse traps. Hubby informed me that friday night as I slept he chased a mouse around downstairs. Sandy & Jack I need to borrow one of your cats! I did some little things around the house but didn't feel like tackling any of the bigger things I need to do. I didn't want to go anywhere and I was bored at home (not usual for me). I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do. Our grandson did not come over saturday night to distract me. He slept at a friend's house on friday and can only sleep away one kinda missed him, but it didn't really bother me. Thank goodness it gets dark early b/c then it is ok to watch tv. So I watched programs about spouses who murder the other spouse....hmmmm.
Today is a new day, a new week, and I hope a whole new attitude! It is starting to feel like autumn, but I am NOT putting out fall decorations yet, I am holding on to summer as long as I can! I am cooking crock pot beef stroganoff today and it feels like chili will be in the future. Grandson J might come over this afternoon and then we'll do something with my sister in law and his cousin.
Hope your weekend is much better than mine has been!!! And I hope a great week lies ahead for all!

P.S. I know you are not suppose to start a sentence with 'and' or 'so', but sometimes I feel like I need do 'ya know'.....and you do know who you are ;-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

August Adventures With Ava

 Our granddaughter was here for another week in August. I just love having her here, she's so easy to get along with and have around.
 She worked on her scrapbook. Why didn't I clean off the table before I took photos?
She and the boys made chalk paint....a tradition she started a couple of years ago.

 She and grandson J had so much fun with the Barbie head. It's a long story....but J teases grandpa that Barbie is his wife and she has to stay in his office. One day she was on top of his keyboard and finally A admitted that she put her there. Before she left she and J got Barbie all dolled up with earrings, perfume, etc and left her on the keyboard again. They laughed so hard about it. 
 My daughter's (A's mother) birthday was the day we took A back to her family. The past 2 years she made her a birthday gift while she was visiting. This year I suggested decoupaging a vase. A had the idea to make a bouquet of button flowers for it with pipe cleaners and buttons. I had all the supplies here. I wanted to show off the flowers, hence the top view and none of the vase. It really was cute!
 On afternoon J's 2 brothers came over. A and S played with him while I was cleaning, they did a good job.

 We visited the West of the Lake Garden. 

 Naturally we went to the aquatic center and floated on the lazy river. When I was on it with them we had a chain of 5 all holding on to each other. I got DRENCHED when the bucket dumped on me and also when I went down the waterslide. I hope their memories are as happy as mine!!!

The sandy area is also popular.....and they look hard for the contraband containers with which to pour water.

 They still play dress girl (10) and the 2 boys (8&9). If the boys parents saw this they'd have a royal fit! A did NOT force the boys into the dresses.
 Before we left on sunday we had to stop at the museum and get ice cream. We have several traditions and that is one of them.

 They decoupaged notebooks.
 I made the pinata, A painted it, and they all smashed it. It contained candy and coins. The coins were traded for goodies from my prize box.They want this to be another tradition.
 The birthday card A made for her other grandma. 
 A with her older brother and little sister. That little one has a lot of spunk! J is the one in the orange shirt. We have him quite often.
 They dyed some items....they didn't turn out well. Next time I will know better what to do.
 One night A sat at the table for 3-1/2 hours making God's eye's to sell at their garage sale. She is raising money for the animal shelter. 
We always set up the tents. The plan was to sleep in them...but it gets cool at night. A came inside about 12:30PM but the boys made it all night. They came in early and slept for a couple more hours. 

Now summer is over, the kids are back in school, and I hope life quiets down. 
Have a great weekend!!!