Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Fun

 Saturday morning I had high hopes of working on a project outdoors and doing some cleaning/organizing. It felt like fall, the air was coolish in the morning but sunny. Before noon I received a phone call from my grandson asking if he and his brothers could come over for the afternoon. Can I say 'no'? I never have all 3,  and VERY seldom have the 3 year old.....but they all came over before lunch time. The 9 year old is pretty active, the 8 year old is a couch potato and is here often, the little one can be ....ah....umm.....naughty. Since it was a nice day the boys were able to play outside. They dragged out a few things and actually put almost all of it back. 

 The little trampoline is always a hit with the little ones. See the nice, new, neutral fence our neighbors put in as a backdrop for my flowers? We love it! It's much better than the overgrown hedge that it replaced.
 He is an adventurous kid.
 They had fun making a human sandwich....the older boys are the bottom layer (bread), then lettuce, mayo, pickles....and whatever is piled on. After this last blanket went on the little one jumped on top. He loves the  'Human Sandwich' game. It is not grandma's favorite game.
 He opened his birthday present and liked the new fact he wanted to wear the new Thomas the train he did. 
 The bin of musical instruments came out, a band was formed, and the neighborhood was alive with the 'sound of music'.
Don't all kids love play-do? 

I did get the project, that I was working on, finished. They boys were pretty good, although the little one and I had several 'talks' while he sat and I made sure he looked at me as I explained why he was on the chair. Sometimes he just needs a little personal attention. After the 3 & 9 year old were picked up J insisted that he go to his cousin's house. They had made plans for a sleepover 2 weeks ago and it didn't work out. Michele graciously allowed the sleepover at her house. I was worried because often the boys argue then N won't play with him and J wants to go home. Michele survived the night, even though several times she had to tell her son to be quiet. We had J all day, as usual. Today it rained most of the day so we stayed inside and even took a nap. 
Now everyone is gone, the living room has been vacuumed and put back together, and it's pretty quiet with just hubby and me at home. I think I'll call it a day. It's a new week......make it a great one!!!


  1. LOL, Linda- I SO get that. I have several grandkids and one was a VERY naughty three year old. He has turned into a pretty good four year old. We had lots of little "chats" and time outs when he was three. LOL- Isn't it funny how different each kid in the same family can be?

    Hope you have a wonderful week. We are going away for a few days- I REALLY need the break- xo Diana

  2. Whoa, I would have been exhausted! Love the photo of the "sandwich."