Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

Guess what? I found my soapbox! It's not a good or a bad thing, it just is........

Call me old fashioned or a prude but I do not like kids sitting on a barstool at a bar. For instance, the family goes to into a bar or small dinner club, the adults sit down and order a drink, and the children claim a barstool also. It's OK if they are the only ones in the establishment but not OK if the kids are taking seats away from adults. That's just how I feel, I guess because I was raised that way. If my parents took us to a bar we had to sit at the table and I still feel that's what is proper.

I also feel that a younger person, especially a child, should offer their seat to an older person. Isn't it good manners to let your elder have the best seat? or the person who has any kind of physical handicap? That's how I was raised. During that time it was more 'kids are to be seen and not heard'. Not that I want society to revert back to that mindset but  we need a little bit of that.....less 'me me me' and a little more 'you', at least teach children to respect their elders; we need more thoughtful, willing to work, and less of the 'I deserve it' attitude.

I also believe it's the polite thing  to offer a guest, the other person, or my husband the best portion of food or drink. Unfortunately that means I often get the leftovers, and sometimes I'd rather not have them....but I don't believe in wasting

My thoughts may not be popular but they are my thoughts! Wanna share yours?

FYI - just 4 months from today Christmas will be over.


  1. I was raised the same way. Adults first, kids last. Hubby first (he works hard), etc. I still see nothing wrong with this unless the wife is sick or something.

  2. First of all, it is really good to see you again!

    I was raised to respect your elders and to think of others before yourself.I was also raised to work for what you have.
    We have such a gimmie society and thinking they are deserving. Times do not need to switch back completely but people do need to be thankful for what they have.
    Great post. Thanks for coming by today!

  3. I was raised to respect my elders and my grandkids are being raised the same way. They say Yes Ma'am and Yes Sir. Sometimes people ask them if they are from the South! lol xo Diana

  4. My sentiments exactly! We older folks were brought up that way. It's a shame that some of the customs of Asians, especially Koreans, who greatly honor their elders, don't rub off on us. Keep up the soap box.