Thursday, September 12, 2013


As a postscript to my last post I want to say I am feeling better, more like myself, and wanting to do something.
Monday afternoon I went to the Stampin' Up stamp-along and made these cards. Since it is football season and (Green Bay) Packer fans are cheeseheads, I'd say this birthday card is totally appropriate! After I put it together I noticed how symmetrical the black holes are....I would have never done that on purpose.
It may be a bit early but there were several Halloween cards to make. This one uses Washi tape....the rough, torn edges are on purpose.

This fall card is suppose to have a sentiment on it...but for some reason I didn't add it. I often add my own later. 

Pizza birthday card.....perfect for the teen in your life???
I added a couple of ribbons to the top of the O....not sure if it is quite right.

I saved the scraps from the BOO when I made the above card and used them to make this. It could be a card front (it's large) or a scrapbook page title. I actually found a VERY similar orange paper here to cut out with my oval punch for the center of the Os.

After work on wednesday I went to book club....we drank sangria, we talked, we ate and barely discussed the book. I think that's because the gal who usually leads the discussion did not like or finish the book. I and the gal I was sitting next to enjoyed it. 
Today I was off and attended to the usual housework and errands. It was a great day to hang out bedding. I put my 'new' (thrift store) quilt on the is suppose to get down to the 40's tonight. That's quite a change from the 94 that we had on tuesday. I also worked on a project that I'll blog about a little later. 
Tomorrow I have a day of vacation. I don't have anything special planned, but since I am feeling somewhat ambitions again I am sure I'll find something to do!!! Wish me luck!

Happy Weekend
and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love the pizza card and the Boo cards! Glad you are feeling better!