Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Sunny Saturday

The last few days have been just beautiful here....a person couldn't ask for better weather!!!  It was 80 degrees when I was driving home at 3PM.  I love sunny, warm weather so you can imagine my delight when saturday was more of the same....I was off to watch my oldest granddaughter run cross country. The meet is 2 hours away and I had to be there before 9 so I left at 6:45AM, even earlier than I do for work. As I watched the sunrise in my rearview mirror I was extremely glad I was headed west. The bright, orange, orb behind me was gorgeous. 
For a change I was there early.....even before her mom and before the bus arrived. For some strange reason the bus driver got lost on the way there (maybe an hour away) so the kids did not get a look at the course ahead of time or much of a chance to warm up. 

Just look at the beautiful park where they ran. I hung out with mom and the other parents of the team members. We cheered them on as they started, then walked across the park to watch as they ran near the stream, and then back to watch them end the race at the same stop they started. T did not run her best, her knee was bothering her. I am so happy that the grands participate in some sport or activity, it doesn't have to be a team sport, 2 of my grands are in dance.

 A cross country race doesn't last long.....T's time was 17 minutes....the total time I was there was about an hour. My daughter in law asked if I wanted to check out  Call it new Call it antique in Stevens Point. 
DIL thought she could find the place easily so I was following her...but we drove longer than expected so I asked Onstar. It was pretty funny....I'm talking to my DIL (in front of me) and relaying the directions to Connie.....we arrived in about 2 minutes. Wow, what a great store, 3 floors of stuff. It's a consignment & antique store that my daughter is familiar with. The 3 of us looked around for quite a while, T was looking for a dress and shoes but she didn't find any. As we checked out we saw the farmers market outside of the front door. We looked around the market and saw  delicious looking vegetables, I even bought some fresh sweet corn and it was delicious!!! There were bouquets and bouquets of pretty. If I hadn't had such a long day ahead of me yet I would have picked some up for my table.
My daughter lives about 20 minutes from where the meet was held so after my DIL and granddaughter had lunch I went to visit my other grandkids.  

The cutie below loves to cut. When I was at her house she was erasing MOM XOXO off the front of an envelope (she gives mom mail every day)....we thought she was going to give me the 'mail' but I never got it. *sad face*

 Here's A, the granddaughter that visited us this summer. While she was here she made a ton of  God's eyes and ornaments to sell and donate the proceeds to the humane society. She sold a few. After their garage sale her mom was contacted by a museum that was looking for items made my children to sell, so Amy sent them A's crafts. One day A received a check for $25 for the bracelets, bookmarks, ornaments, and God's eyes that she made. She's also on student council, (her 2nd year) and is a captain for the safety patrol. 
She's also into fashion, her she has her model with the dress design pinned onto it. 
Splittin' image of her mom.
 What a fashion show the girls put on, we made sure to clap...and we laughed.
 My oldest grandchild with his shorter mom.....
 I guess he is taller than I am too. 
Yup, he's a teenager and a darn nice kid!!
I am so proud of these kids, they are not the kind to ask for stuff all the time. When T's mom said 'no' to something she wanted she wasn't happy but she got over it quickly (ok she's nearly 13) and when she didn't get anything at the consignment shop she just said "I don't need anything". That's a pleasant contrast to our 8 year old grandson who wants everything, all the time.

After a 2 hour drive home I picked up our grandson at my friends house and we came home and had corn on the cob for supper. He loves it and so I do. It's the last time we'll have it this year. He spent the night again. Hubby had to work today and then he went golfing after work so we didn't see him all day. It was another perfect day and I decided to wash the windows. I got all of the downstairs windows washed, except for the ones with screens that I couldn't remove. I'll need hubby's help....and the $64,000 question is ...can I get him to do so???

My weekend was filled with grandkids and I truly enjoyed it. Tomorrow brings the usual errands and grocery shopping.


  1. Glad Ava got the student council and also got to sell her artwork. Love all the grands!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day out! Your grands are all beautiful and I can tell you are just crazy about each of them...:) Have a blessed Monday!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Your grandkids are beautiful!