Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

Yup, it's definitely autumn and we've been having glorious, sunny, warm weather that is about to end TODAY.
I don't like to be told what to do, never did. Ask me, and I'll do almost anything for you....tell me, and I will probably balk at the idea. It doesn't bother me to take direction from a person who is in a supervisory position over me, even from my hubby (although he doesn't tell me what to do). It's when a peer tells me I have to do something that it 'gets my goat'. Are you like that? My hubby is horrible....he won't even say "I love you" after I've said it because I am 'making' him say it. UGH!!!!!

I stole this photo from my sister. Thanks Sandy!

The other night I was so upset that I could not fall asleep. My grandson (who is exactly like his dad-my step son) talked me into letting his cousin spend the night here on saturday. Our nephew can be difficult and the boys often argue, but for some reason J loves to play with him. I am NOT looking forward to it. I think that J should have his friends spend the night at HIS house. Hubby is not going to be too happy either. 
I will probably be 'mean' and just deal with the boys, wish me luck!!!!

Yesterday I had to take my 4 year old car in for repairs, it only has 50,000 miles and I think it should last longer than that without needing work....but that's just me. Before they can even do anything I have to have a $100 diagnostic test that irks me!!!! And then there is the long list of maintenance/preventative things that should be done. It that stuff really necessary??? The only good thing about that was that the dealership took me back to work after I dropped my car off and then picked me up from work again.

In the meantime I am off today and friday. The plan for today (if I can stay awake - I was up at 4:45) is to clean up some of my messes and make a good meal for dinner. Tomorrow I am attending the last fish boil of the season at the senior center with friends. 


  1. Your car has to have the diagnostic test cause cars have electrical panels now (idiot lights) and they have to figure out what is going on. As for maintenance, definitely, if you don't want it to go all to hell in a handbag!

  2. I feel your car pain, Linda. Hubby and I are looking for a new car now and it's exhausting. I agree with you in feeling that a car shouldn't need much maintenance at 50,000 miles, but from the homework we're doing on new cars I can tell you that others feel the same matter which car make we'd be talking about.

    I hope you'll enjoy your days off from work, the meal your making that I'm sure will be yummy, and that you get good sleep tonight.

    Though we've never met, I'll tell you I love you and look, you didn't say it first and you don't even need to feel I'm making you say it back. Just let it be. :)

  3. Car issues, ugh! I think it is ridiculous what they charge.

    The photo your sister took is beautiful. I want the colors to get here before it turns wintery.

    Good luck with the boys!
    ~Naila Moon