Sunday, October 6, 2013

'Twas All For Naught

Remember all that grumbling and worrying I complained about on Thursday? Well, it never came to pass. The following day I was ok and decided that I would just deal with the situation.  I put away some clothing I was sorting through in the spare bedroom and made a bed for one of the boys on the floor (we only have a twin bed in that room). Our nephew came over about 7 saturday night, after he finished some of his homework. Mom came in also to visit, I haven't talked to her recently about her new job so we visited for a bit. To make a long story short N was just not in the mood to stay here, away from his mom. He's 9 and I don't know if he has slept away from her more than 3 times. Our grandson was really looking forward to it and was upset for a while. I think it worked out OK anyway. Grandson J was asleep by 9PM .

I was up early today and so was he. He went to Sunday School and then slept for 2 hours in the afternoon. My afternoon was quiet. I fooled around a bit with some scrapbook page embellishments, swept the kitchen floor, talked to a couple of friends, folded laundry, and even took advantage of the sunshine outside and read for a while. I was not in a reading mood though. It was WONDERFUL to see the sun after the past few days of gray & rain. A lazy day is a good thing every once in a while.

Tuesday I, and some of my Red Hat friends, are going on a 'Bling Trip' to Chicago. We're going to shop for some bling and also see a couple of other Chicago sites.  I've gone on a couple of these
Red Hat trips previously and we bus always have fun! This one is a day trip so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully I'll have something to post about it later.

Have a good week all!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice pretty peaceful weekend! Not many 9 year olds will take a nap. He must have been pretty tired!
    Have fun going with your friends to Chicago! xo Diana