Friday, October 18, 2013

The Art of Tablesettings

The Rahr West Museum and Mansion has an annual Art of Table Settings display and I try to go every year. When I first heard about it I didn't understand who would want to see a bunch of plates and silverware..... but that's not it at all!!! Warning, this post contains a lot of photos. One day I met my good friend on my lunch hour to walk through the displays.....we're both busy people....We would have had more time to look around if I could remember the location of the place....that I've been to many, many times. I always have a hard time finding it. I think I'll remember that it's on 8th street after all the driving around I did that day.
 This display was in the corner. Above is one side and they hung 2 glass doors on the other side (below). The people who put this together just amaze me with their imaginations!
 The table setting below is done by one of the gals in my book club, along with some of her friends. Sue has a good sense for decorating. I know they got a lot of their things from the thrift store because I ran into her one day while she was shopping. They made the art piece on the wall. Carolee didn't like the mixed dishes, I do. I don't remember the exact title of their setting, but it was something about lunch with friends.
 I like this sweet, pretty display with more mismatched plates.
 This one is waaaaaaaaay to matchy for me. We both loved the interesting color of the plates. I wonder how long it took to accumulate the blue morning glory items.
 The perfect spot for a lover's picnic. 
 The one below has to do with the 'war to end all wars', waiting for a loved one to come home.
 Beachy, very beachy.  The theme of this one was a group of friends that met once a year for 47 (?) years and each one had to bring a shell to every meeting. Everything was covered in shells....picture frames, the cake knife, treasure boxes....
I love the calming colors of this one.

 These square plates are gorgeous!
 Table? What table?
This undersea table setting was pretty unique. 
 I wish I had taken some close ups of the 'silverware' on this 'table'. As you can see it is a very contemporary/modern interpretation of a dining table. 

We liked the simple elegance of the bird watching theme here.
 Our Lord's birth table setting was so calming.
 We saw a couple of Halloween theme tables, I've never seen Halloween before.
 Someone REALLY likes witches. It was cute, but not for me.

I'm glad I am able to attend many of the displays and events they hold at this mansion. It's one of the jewels we have on the Lakeshore.

One last thought: I've been watching What Not To Wear tonight, right now their last episode is on. It is my favorite show and I HATE to see it go. I know things can't last forever...but why can't WNTW???

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  1. I think I would like to go next year. No surprises this year!