Monday, October 28, 2013

A Day In The Life

I'd like to say Good Monday Morning....but it's not morning anymore and this has not been a typical monday. Remember, I love mondays because it's my day off. This is my view on my way to work in the morning. Last friday I remembered to leave a few minutes early and to grab my camera. As I was snapping the last photos I was not the only person with a camera at the rest stop. By the time I am 2 blocks from work the sun is blinding (in my rear view mirror).
But I digress............on to a day in the life......... 

 There's about a 7 minute difference from the time the first picture was taken to the time the last picture was taken.

The day started off as time while I eat breakfast.....errands to run, but no grocery shopping (smile). I dropped off a donation at the thrift store and picked up a few things too. I found a brand new (tags on) pair of pants for my grandson. Next I headed to Walgreen's to get some candy for Halloween and found a few things on clearance that I also needed. As I looked over my receipt in the car I noticed the mascara was not clearance I hoof it back inside and return it to buy the one that was on clearance. 
After a little housework and lunch I forced myself to go outside and pull out dead and nearly dead flowers. It wasn't the ideal afternoon, but the only day I could get it done.  Hubby does the raking and major outside work. The sun did come out later and it wasn't bad working outside.  I potted a few plants to bring in and to giveaway. I was going to decorate for Halloween but decided not to. I MIGHT put lights out for Christmas later, but right now I am feeling like a scrooge. This afternoon I locked myself out of the house for the 2nd time in the past month...come to find out, hubby locked himself out this morning too. Yes, we have a key stashed for such emergencies. 
When I finished what I wanted to do outside I came in and made a jello salad for supper, chocolate zucchini bread, swept the kitchen floor (all those plants made a real mess), washed the dishes again, made a sandwich for my lunch tomorrow, and heated up leftovers for supper. After we ate I got my ribs ready to put in the slow cooker in the morning for tomorrow's dinner. My laptop lives on our table most of the time, I am addicted to Words With Friends, and play it on facebook......not a good thing.....often there's too much information on facebook. 
I found out something that makes me really sad, just heartbroken. No, it's nothing about me or my hubby, but it is family. It's one of those things when I just had to pray "I don't know what to pray....Jesus, you know, say it for, protect...."
No, this was not a typical monday. I am not always that ambitious. I'm almost looking forward to going to work tomorrow. 
I still have a basket of laundry to fold and cards to get ready to mail to my grands. But for now I'm taking a break.
I am really looking forward to getting away for the weekend!!!

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