Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday

One thing I am thinking about is that it is too darn early for the cold weather we've been having....snow flurries have been in the air and it was 29F when I left for work this morning so I had to scrap heavy frost of my windshield first. We had about 2 weeks of fall and now it is winter????

I work for a small company that performs service work/repairs. Before lunch one of our guys called to tell me he had been bitten by a German shepherd. The dog just ran over to him and bit him on his thigh. It wasn't bleeding, but he did have puncture wounds and had to go to the walk in clinic. Our insurance company does not require a police report but it was mandatory that the clinic inform them. I feel bad for the young woman who owned the dog....he's her 'child'. She really felt bad that Todd was bitten and she was very cooperative and even brought us copies of the dog's immunization records. Thank goodness everything was up to date - no rabies shots for our guy. When she brought in the dog's records she was very apologetic and nearly in tears because she's afraid she'll have to put the dog down. This is the 2nd time he has bitten someone within a couple of months. I am not a pet owner but I know several people who have pets and they are part of their FAMILY. I know that dogs can not be allowed to go around biting people but I still feel really sad for her that she might have to say good-bye to something she loves.

That's just what I was thinking about..................


  1. That is so sad, Linda. I hope that she doesn't have to put him down but the fact that he has bitten someone TWICE in a short time period means that he is probably ill tempered. Poor woman. Hope your guy heals quickly with no complications.

    Have a great weekend. I drove back up from Milwaukee today and hit some snow showers along the way. Can you believe it?!!!!?! xo Diana

  2. It almost feels like winter out there. :-( NOOOOOOOOOOO
    just think (or don't) in 2 months Christmas will be over.
    As for the dog's owner the insurance co is asking for her to pay. I am not sure if she has ins or the funds. I guess my problem is that I feel sorry for the underdog, always have.