Monday, October 21, 2013

Polly's Pumpkin Patch

Sunday afternoon I took my 3 grandsons to the pumpkin patch & corn maze, about a 45 minute drive from here (Chilton). Oh what a contrast from the previous day!!!
I had 3 boys in the backseat and grandson J was at his worst-he wouldn't listen to me or anyone at all. One time I pulled into a parking lot and 'talked' to him. Later on, while driving, I totally blew up.....I had  exhausted my 'keep calm' attempts. I think my girlfriend, who came along with us, was shocked! I was so upset by that day's events that I work up in the middle of the night still feeling badly.
This is really a nice place to take the kids, so much to do. My step daughter met us there with her daughter and my sil was there with her son.
The day was cold and it rained a bit while we were there but we made the best of it.

The corn maze was the main attraction for the kids. We've had a bit of rain in the previous weeks so the corn maze was muddy and the 3 year old fell several times. Thank goodness mom sent clean pants for him. 

 Everyone loved the duck races, even the adults played. I won the race against my bff....(just reporting the facts- LOL)
 The boys loved the corn cannons too! Eight shots for $5.
 We laughed so hard when Jessica was on the horsey with her daughter. I decided to post a photo of 2 of my grandsons instead of hers. Note the mud covered little guy. 

 Here I am with the 5 grandkids that were there. Grandson J lost his NEW hat is not gonna be happy. 

Our youngest granddaughter telling our youngest grandson how to pose for the photo.

I think everyone had fun inspite of the weather. 
I could have done without the rain, cold, and grandson J's disagreeable mood. I think I need a break from the grandkids.......but..........we have one more thing planned for saturday.

I'm working 4 days this week and not looking forward to it. I'm spoiled and 3 days is normally the most I work. Wish me luck!!!!


  1. I really like that screen! Interesting to read a different slant on the same day!

  2. We will have to try and visit that one next year. It is even closer to us than the one we go to- That one is 9 miles west of Chilton. Great pictures of you and the family- xo Diana

  3. ps. I FINALLY got my computer to recognize your URL to get you on my sidebar. I have had such problems with Blogger lately that it isn't even funny!!!!

  4. Looks like a really fun place to go. Too bad the weather wasn't better. That alone might have helped with J's mood. It sure is a shame that they don't appreciate/cooperate when you do something so special just for them.