Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Weekend Full Of Grandkids

Yes, I'm still here.....barely..........after a weekend filled with the grands.
Saturday morning I got up, when I wanted to sleep in, and went to watch my 10 year old grandson play soccer. He has improved a lot since the first year he played. He was pretty shy when he was younger. During his first game he ran off the field, crying. His parents encouraged, not forced, him to continue. Now he's pretty good, the whole team is good, they are in first place this year! 
It was a really nice, sunny fall day. T's whole family was there to support him. Mom coaches and dad and his sister attend the games. I just love it!!! So proud of this young family.
After the game I stopped at my sister's for a short visit, then it was back in the car for the almost 2 hour drive home.

The blond boy is my grandson, he looks a lot like his dad.

 Sunday afternoon I took all 3 of our other grandsons to the Fall Family Fun day at Camp Sinawa in Valders, about 1/2 hour away. It was another nice day. We went on the wagon ride (twice),
they roasted marshmallows and hot dogs,

 they dug in the sand for 'treasures',
we made 'nature creatures'  from found objects, 
 they also painted pumpkins, stood in line for a balloon from The Balloon Lady (she does parties and all sorts of events), learned about the snowy owl and a vulture? (I can't remember), they watched the water fight between 2 small fire departments, and even got to sit in the firetruck. We all enjoyed the day and are thinking of attending the Christmas event. 


  1. SO much fun. They are lucky to have you!
    Thanks for coming by.

  2. Lots of fun for a sunny fall day. I bet the drive was beautiful, too.