Friday, September 6, 2013

August Adventures With Ava

 Our granddaughter was here for another week in August. I just love having her here, she's so easy to get along with and have around.
 She worked on her scrapbook. Why didn't I clean off the table before I took photos?
She and the boys made chalk paint....a tradition she started a couple of years ago.

 She and grandson J had so much fun with the Barbie head. It's a long story....but J teases grandpa that Barbie is his wife and she has to stay in his office. One day she was on top of his keyboard and finally A admitted that she put her there. Before she left she and J got Barbie all dolled up with earrings, perfume, etc and left her on the keyboard again. They laughed so hard about it. 
 My daughter's (A's mother) birthday was the day we took A back to her family. The past 2 years she made her a birthday gift while she was visiting. This year I suggested decoupaging a vase. A had the idea to make a bouquet of button flowers for it with pipe cleaners and buttons. I had all the supplies here. I wanted to show off the flowers, hence the top view and none of the vase. It really was cute!
 On afternoon J's 2 brothers came over. A and S played with him while I was cleaning, they did a good job.

 We visited the West of the Lake Garden. 

 Naturally we went to the aquatic center and floated on the lazy river. When I was on it with them we had a chain of 5 all holding on to each other. I got DRENCHED when the bucket dumped on me and also when I went down the waterslide. I hope their memories are as happy as mine!!!

The sandy area is also popular.....and they look hard for the contraband containers with which to pour water.

 They still play dress girl (10) and the 2 boys (8&9). If the boys parents saw this they'd have a royal fit! A did NOT force the boys into the dresses.
 Before we left on sunday we had to stop at the museum and get ice cream. We have several traditions and that is one of them.

 They decoupaged notebooks.
 I made the pinata, A painted it, and they all smashed it. It contained candy and coins. The coins were traded for goodies from my prize box.They want this to be another tradition.
 The birthday card A made for her other grandma. 
 A with her older brother and little sister. That little one has a lot of spunk! J is the one in the orange shirt. We have him quite often.
 They dyed some items....they didn't turn out well. Next time I will know better what to do.
 One night A sat at the table for 3-1/2 hours making God's eye's to sell at their garage sale. She is raising money for the animal shelter. 
We always set up the tents. The plan was to sleep in them...but it gets cool at night. A came inside about 12:30PM but the boys made it all night. They came in early and slept for a couple more hours. 

Now summer is over, the kids are back in school, and I hope life quiets down. 
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. What fun memories for your grands! I can't wait to have some of my own some day! I love all the crafts you let them are an awesome grandma!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Wonderful week. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Wonderful memories!