Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Decorating

Thursday was my day off and it was a perfect autumn day! 
I had to pick up a prescription so, of course, my car stopped at the thrift store on the way past. I returned something that I bought on Monday but was too lazy to try on. I found plenty of items and used up my credit. On the way home I 
stopped at a couple of garages, I did not look for them, they were on the way! And I found a thatching rake for my hubby....ours broke and he couldn't find one anywhere.

When I got home, around noon, I immediately found my capris and donned them. I decided that I was NOT going to spend my afternoon inside so I put up some of my autumn decorations and made another Junk O'lantern. ***hint*** When purchasing E6000 glue look at the color, it also comes in white and I didn't know I had to be very careful (which is not my nature) when glueing junk on my orange junk o'lantern.

Last week I planted flowers in these kids plastic pails. I saw this idea last year on someone's front porch and planned to do it myself this year. All mums would be ideal, I had some, but not enough so I used what I had on hand. I love it!

 I repainted the banner orange and was lucky that the wording showew through so I just had to write over it with a sharpie. This scarecrow is getting old, but is good for another year. 
 Even Mother Nature is decorating for fall....???? I've never seen this many or this big of fungi in our yard before.
 The jack o'lantern planters were moved to the front door. 
 The geraniums are beautiful. My grandma always had geraniums and I hated I know why she loved them, and I do too!
  I just love the bright colors.....the sunshine helps too.

 This is one of the mums I have in a pot.....I know I need to plant it in the ground...soon.
I'm glad I was able to take advantage of this sunny, warm, perfect autumn day. How many more are in the future??? Lots, I hope!

Saturday I'll be off bright and early to watch my oldest granddaughter run in a cross country meet. It'll be my first time. She's running very near where my daughter lives so when the meet is over I am gong to my daughters to visit my other grandkids. I might need the remainder of the weekend to rest up.....wish me luck!


  1. FUN pumpkins and fall decor! Love the ladder!
    Happy fall!

  2. Those are kids plastic pails? I love them! I thought you had painted pumpkins all different colors! What a great idea to use them in your decor! I need to get some mums! They are always so nice for Fall. Enjoy your weekend!