Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the Faces I Love

I haven't meant to neglect my blog, it's just been busy here, but not with anything interesting to blog about. I turned 60 (&%#?&@; I hate saying that number) on Saturday. It was quite uneventful (as I expected) but I survived. On Sunday I went to my daughters to watch A's dance recital. It's held in the auditorium of a large insurance company located in a college town. That's one of the reasons my daughter is able to take the kids to so many inexpensive/free educational events. I only get there a couple of times a year. I brought their Easter 'baskets' along and the 'dancer's' BD gift.
Grandson C (first born grandchild) trying on the ring that grandson J put in the bag....I am sure C gave the ring to one of his sisters.

She loves popcorn and is a future dancer. She'll be 3 later in the month.

The dancer and her mom. A (8) dances b/c she loves the costumes, she also loves fashion and is an artist. She didn't get those talents from her grandma. She performed ballet and a tap dance. she's a very conscientious young lady.

One of the silly faces the future dancer makes. The baby of the family.

The dancer, she has a long, lean body....she didn't get that from me either. After her performance she always gets flowers (another reason to dance) and gets to choose a place to celebrate. Sunday we went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream. I happened to mention to my daughter that I had received an email coupon for free ice cream, but didn't print it b/c I wasn't planning on going there. Daughter was going to pay for mine but the guy behind the counter said 'free ice cream on your birthday' so....the prices was right. I told the grands to remember that on their birthdays...only the future dancer's birthday is yet to come.

My son's 2 children. They live in a different direction from my daughter. :-( I don't see them much either. I dropped off their Easter baskets when I picked up my Girl Scout cookies. They are into sports. I am glad each of the grand kids have varied interests in wholesome activities they can participate in.

My birthday is not a big deal to me....but it's nice IF hubby acknowledges it (he didn't this year). Grandson J made grandpa sing Happy Birthday to me. My friends sent cards and I got nice gifts. SIL took me out to lunch, except I paid for it with a gift certificate. We went to a nice place and the food was excellent :-) I even got a free desert that we shared.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I will have to remember that about Cold Stone. I love that place!