Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

Found this on Facebook (where else?) and had to steal it.

*Why is it that I can lay in bed think of 6 things to do and the next day they've all dissipated?

*Lately I'm into Mexican food, but most likely one day I'll wake up and think eeewwwww. I'm fickle like that. I've always loved chicken dumpling soup. Last night I went to book club at a local bar/restaurant and the smell of the soup was awful. I am so glad no one at our table ordered it. 

*Hubby keeps trying to feed me frozen or boxed foods: 1) they're usually too high in sodium for me and 2) I don't like 'em. 

* Canceled another trip this week. Hopefully I get on some day trips this summer. Planning ahead just doesn't work for me, I am never sure how I am going to feel on any particular day. 

*I hate wearing something on my head, so if you just pop in, give me a minute. Oh, and all of my Red Hat friends who 'hate to wear hats' - 'suck it up'   *smile*

*Every twinge, pain, or cough I have scares me, I wonder????

*Yes, sometimes I have a sad day.....I took 10 minutes to feel sorry for myself Wednesday morning, I haven't cried since we got the diagnosis. Now it's back to living!

*I do plan to print my blog into a book. It's not cheap but I'd like it in case any of my grands want to look at it, I want them to remember.  I was going to do it after my first episode with cancer, I thought it would be 'over', but it's never over, even if it doesn't's always in the back of your mind.


  1. Linda~I want your blog printed for ME! Whatever I need to do, I want a copy too. I love the way you write. I guess I could start printing it out myself.(there goes my ink, LOL!)I think 10 MINUTES to for sorry oneself is not bad at all. I wish I was not sick(DAMMIT!)so I could spend time with you. I don't want you to ever feel scared. I know we both have different beliefs about 'stuff' but I want you to be OK with everything that is going on in your life right now. I would trade places with you if I could.

  2. I will try not to grumble about wearing a hat...just for you. Big hugs!

  3. Hi Linda, I hope you can have some lovely moments with your grandkids. Is your grandson still cooking.? You said you don't like foods at times. Some times, I don't want to eat cook or even think of food. ....But I have not lost any weight. :( My daughter would go without her wig or hat in the house...but it hurt her feelings if anyone saw her that way...which hurts my heart to think about that. Hugs to you my friend, Blessings, love you, Susie

  4. You are an inspiration to SO many! Just keep eating what tastes good and turning down what doesn't:) Print the blog, sounds like a great idea to me! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS! "I love hats"

  5. Linda,
    I think that it would be fabulous to print this blog into a book. You seem to constantly remind me to keep living - one day at a time and to stop sweating the small stuff as it could be much worse. I am trying to live each day as if it is my last healthy day! I never want to have regrets about things that I have done.