Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall is in the air

Yes, I can tell that fall is approaching...the days have been 70ish and sunny (not so humid), my tomato plants are starting to look sickly, my hangnails are begging to be picked :( , I'm looking for the blanket on my bed at night and my robe in the morning, and I'm turning the a/c off in my car on my way to work in the morning. Fall is bittersweet for me....the weather is perfect and life has calmed down...but winter is knocking on the door. I could easily do without winter.

Last night I had a nice telephone visit with my daughter. Yesterday was her birthday.... I was planning to mail her a homemade card....but...... Her birthday always reminds me that it's 4 months until Christmas....a depressing thought???? Their anniversary is today and her mother in law's BD is tomorrow...a busy time for them. August is an expensive month for us too - 2 grandchildren have birthdays and my daughter and daughter in law have birthdays too.

I am enjoying chocolate zucchini bread (grandson J "LOVES" this chocolate cake-it's healthy; made with whole wheat flour and zucchini) and my tea this morning. It is so much easier to get up at 6AM when I don't have to work. On today's schedule: a dentist appt, dropping off a donation at the thrift store (cleaning out one grocery bag at a time), laundry, and working on scrapbook pages. They are getting better!!! I hope to post a couple more later this week.

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