Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I never get any good mail anymore :-( I've been writing letters to various family members, teachers, friends, or pen pals ever since I was in grade school and still do. This past year it seems like the written correspondence has seriously dropped off. I'm also a stamper and exchange hand stamped cards with many people too....but that is getting to be more infrequently too.....although I'm partly to blame for that.
In today's mail I received: cash advance checks from my credit card company, a travel magazine for tour guides (I must have signed up for something free), and a brochure for Microsoft Excel (which I'd like to learn but not at that price). Pretty sad, huh?
Moving on to email...........all I get are jokes or spam.
Then there is my blog???? I know it's boring sometimes and not filled with creative ideas (Like I hoped for) nor do I have 100's of followers posting comments....but someone reads it??? right???
OK, I'm done whining!
I will have new photos soon....we are expecting our new grandchild shortly and I have several 1/2 finished projects that I'll photograph and show you within the month. Maybe I should get off here and get busy, eh?

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  1. I read this.My snail mail is sad too.I pen pal and that has significantly slacked off.