Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two pairs for less than the price of one

This morning, on the way to my massage, I stopped at the thrift store.....I can't help it, my car just turns in.......... Anyway I got 2 pairs of Land's End shoes for $4.....and the other pair is just like this 'cept the left is tan the the right navy.................amazing, huh? They are good quality, comfy, and worn VERY little. I am lazy and love slip on shoes and no socks. If spring ever comes I'll get to wear them!!!

I also got 2 t-shirts, a small flower pot, basket with a liner, and a binder. Total cost? $7.93. Some days ya just get lucky :-)


  1. Just wear them as pairs, not together!

  2. Seriously!!!! You must be one smart shopper!