Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday tales

Sorry, I don't have a catchy title...like "Tip Tuesday," or "Tuesday Teasers", "Tasty Tuesday" or even ....hey, how about Tuesday Tales...........I kinda like it!

Yesterday I went to the Stamp a long and made some cards and here's a tip for you: On this card we used the clear, acrylic, block and patted it directly onto the blue ink pad and than onto the white oval. I like the effect.
This is a Valentine I got in the mail today. I am posting it b/c I love the heart and the ephemera attached to it....love the style. I get lots of nice cards from my card pals but never post them...why not???? It pays to look in the garbage...........look what I found! This really nicely decorated piece of cardboard from some Valentine candy hubby bought..... (how come I didn't see any of that?) It's about 3-1/2" X 3-1/2". I embossed it with my Big Shot and it will make a nice embellishment on a card next year.

Speaking of Valentines day (I was, sort of), Yesterday my 2-1/2 yr old granddaughter called to wish me 'Happy Valentines Day'. Those little ones are so cute! I sent cards and small trinkets to all of my grandkids (4 families). Two moms emailed thanks, one facebooked me, the other did nothing. That is one of my pet peeves.........not saying 'Thank you'. In reality I didn't expect to hear from that person.
I have a situation: I made chili on Sunday night and hubby complemented me on it. He does NOT compliment my cooking...........I am not the best cook, never claimed to be. The past 2 days he has taken some to work for lunch. BUT he uses a Tupperware dish to heat it up in at work. The dish is now discolored and somewhat deformed. What do I do? I'm not going to say anything....it is only one of many plastic dishes I have. Now, if he were doing that at home I'd HAVE to bring it up.
They fired another guy where he works.................they are strict. Kevin has never been warned about anything so he is not worried. I just wish they'd actually start an order. There is a rumor going around that the company is for sale. Time will tell.....
Saturday night our youngest granddaughter was over for a bit.........that girl is not afraid of anything. She went upstairs, in the dark, by herself to get the ice cream cones out of the play pantry. All the kids seem to love the cones. Anyway her mom ended up bringing the whole pantry down so M wouldn't be going up and down the steps all night. That girl is a dumper, she wasn't happy until every bin from that pantry was dumped out. She was making such funny faces and she & mom tried not so tasty 'food' that M concocked. No photos b/c she is never still.
Busy day at work today..........the phone just kept wringing....guess that is good! I ran into hobby Lobby at noon (b/c I had time to kill) and got 2 packages of Valentine stickers at 1/2 price. They had lots of decorative items at 80% off, but I didn't need anything so I just browsed.


  1. I love Hobby Lobby...I can get lost in there for hours!!

  2. I like what you found in the garbage!

  3. Hi Linda! Love your cards--did I tell you I am a stamper also? I always do my xmas cards..yours are so cute! Paula