Saturday, February 26, 2011

Payback's a b****

Isn't that the saying? an eye for an eye, etc.
I had some of the family over last night for seafood enchiladas (they turned out good, along with a delicious salad Connie brought and Michele's very chocolatey cake with cream cheese filling).....well.....I made a comment that was uncalled for and today I got the payback. I burned out the motor on my Big Shot Express while cutting fabric circles for my church Lenten project (see previous post). I am so bummed, I love my Big Shot and I can't exactly ask my church to buy me a new one.
I know God isn't really paying me back for my not so kind words..................but it (kinda) makes me feel better (?) to think He is punishing me. And this relates back to a post from last fall...maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and not talk at all.
BTW, the chocolate cake was quite a tasty dessert after breakfast. :-)


  1. Hi! Here from Follow Friday 40 and Over! Starting with chocolate will make any day so much brighter, lol. Folding up laundry to be able to use my bed to sleep in, isn't alway a necessity. I've been known to sleep with the laundry for a few days, hahaha. Nice blog.

  2. Hmmm I find myself questioning these events too. We both know our God is not a punishing God. He has a reason.
    I am visiting and following via Java's Follow Friday. Some day..I may get through the list on Friday:)

  3. I don't think that God punishes us, but our own guilt makes anything negative that occurs to seem like a punishment. Like karma???