Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas shopping :-)

On my way to the grocery store my car stopped at the thrift store and look who I found! I love these penguins ornaments...2 for .50. the photo does not do him justice, he has sparkles on his body. Who does Christmas shopping in February??? I do! I keep my eyes open all year long for gifts, decorations, wrapping, etc. You never know when you will find something for the right price. I'm also trying to catch up on housework. Since I don't babysit anymore I have much more quiet time and a neater home. I do miss spending time with my grandson tho.....We don't have the baby here either so I've decided I don't need the swing and bouncer in the house.....getting rid of clutter, ya know? I am not getting rid of it, just getting it out of our living space. I think daughter J will have another child.

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