Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I know for sure...

#1. You can set your alarm, BUT you have to have the volume turned ON. Yes, I was 1/2 hour late for work yesterday. Thankfully it's not a big deal....that very seldom has happened and the guys are pretty good about it. Hubby could have woken me up but he doesn't pay attention to my schedule and just left me sleep.
#2. The gals BETWEEN THE COVERS are not stodgy old ladies. Thursday night we chose a name for our book discussion group.....we had lots of good ideas...... One gal is a physicians assistant and is going to Haiti for 2 weeks on a medical mission. That is one thing checked off of her 'bucket list'. Another gal always has funny stories about work or something. One woman is pretty crafty and often has cool stuff for "show & tell"...and me? I am the quiet one. We had such a good time Thursday; laughing and sipping some wine. Oh yea, sometimes we do discuss the book we just read. Next month we are reading UNCLE TOM'S CABIN, which is nice for me b/c I have it on my Nook (classics are free). Right now I am reading THE CONFESSION by John Grisham. I borrowed the ebook from the library. I am frugal....see previous post. Now that the sun is warmer I am able to sit in my car and read at lunch time if I don't have errands to run....reading saves me $$$. I am beginning to really like my Nookcolor. :-)
#3. Winter is not over :-( Even though we had high 40's and sunshine this week that does not mean it is spring. Much of our snow has melted and we can see bare ground, except where the drifts accumulated....not sure when that will melt....maybe by July 4th. 'Significant snows', wind gusts, and sleet are predicted for tomorrow. There is nothing we can do....that's just life in Wi.


  1. I like the GALS BETWEEN THE COVERS...its cute and true

  2. Our book club made a rule that we had to discuss the book for at least 30 minutes...because our discussions were like loose cannons! I now forget our name--we have been doing it for almost 10 years.
    Love your name! We are supposed to be reading--Perforiated Heart.

  3. You will have to keep me posted about any bood recommendations. We decided to read a classic for a change.