Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Photos

A couple of weeks ago we stopped to see the Pink Heals trucks. I  posed so Kevin could take a photo.
 My grape tomatoes are looking pretty darn good and plentiful. I can't wait until they are ripe.
Thursday night grandson Jalen was allowed to spend the night. I decided to have the boys stay overnight one at a time and Thursday was his night.  Jalen used to spend every saturday night here. We went to church, he is used to going with me. It was such a blessing to have him sitting next to me....with his arm around me....waving at other church members. 
We made banana bread that evening. 
 When we got home we just hung around home and watched TV and he snacked on popcorn.

I am really tired tonight because he set my alarm for 6:30 and let me stay in bed until 6:45. He wanted to spend time with me and not waste it sleeping. He is really chipper and happy when he wakes up, I prefer to wake up slowly. We went downstairs and he made a birthday card for his cousin. He likes to scrapbook and make cards.
Next he decided to bake cookies. You can see he likes to get his hands dirty....unlike his grandma. 

Later in the morning my friend came over to empty my drain and brought us yummy gifts. I was surprised that Jalen watched the procedure and asked questions. My friends love Jalen. 

Like I said earlier I'm tired and plan to go to bed as soon as I'm finished with the burger Kevin brought home from the golf course.
More about the weekend later. 


  1. You look great, and aren't grandkids that want to cook fun. I have several loved to when they were that age. Now all my grandkids are in high school, college or married. The great grandsons don't live real close and so I miss that.

  2. Jalen is one special kid. I can't say that about any of your other grandkids because I don't know them as well and have not talked to them as much. But I did have a chance to talk to all 3 boys when they were at your house that one time I was there.(Christmas?) Itry to talk with all kids even if it is a hi or bye. I am going to keep repeating this...I wish it was easier for me to get to your place so I could help more. I am used to helping. I helped mom many,many years, almost daily at times. Keep hanging in there Linda.

  3. So glad that Jalen could stay over, but sorry you are so tired.

  4. Jalen sounds like a great kid and one of your biggest fans. Isn't it great to have grandchildren that adore you?