Monday, July 18, 2016

Pretty Things I Love

 My succulents. I love this kiwi, and  I managed to save it from last year. 
 I love the color of this geranium,  so I bring it in every fall.
 This purple one is from a plant one of our Red Hatters received several years ago.

Sweet little arrangement. 

My grape tomatoes are starting to ripen. I can't wait, I have a tomato every day.

I was going to look for sea glass, no room to walk on the sand here. It surely was peaceful to listen to the waves though.
 There are flower gardens all along the Mariner's Trail (along Lake Michigan). The gardens are maintained by volunteers. 

I would have liked to walk along the beach (the water is too high - no sandy area to stroll on) and along the trail to see the flowers. 
On my way home from my dr appointment I stopped to drop off some books at the Little Free Library and stopped to 'smell the roses'.

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  1. Beautiful scenes! I love to stop and smell the roses, we ALL should take time to enjoy the day! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!