Saturday, July 23, 2016

All Packed And Ready To Go

I wish I was all packed and ready to the Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin........but I'm thinkin' about it....keeps me awake at night. I need to realize that I can wear what I already have, no need to buy new.
I'm pretty happy that I'm able to go on this 4 day bus trip.
One of my priorities for retirement was to go on trips. Last year I was able to do a few things and I had my trips planned earlier for  this year. BUT I had to cancel several things. (sad face)
I do have one more day trip planned.......I'll have to see if I find anything else that catches my fancy while I am feeling good.
I am so thankful & blessed that I can go on this trip and am having a good summer; it looks like a beautiful area that I've never been to. 
I am going because: 1) I feel good enough go take a bus trip
2) I have a good friend to go with
3) if I am having a bad day I can stay back at the hotel (we are staying at the same place for the 3 nights)
4) it doesn't seem like a very strenuous trip
5) another good thing - my oncologist said I can take an extra week off my chemo pills 
A couple of bad things: I have to pack all my morning and evening pills. I'll have to take long sleeves and pants (maybe a maxi dress, it will cover my legs and will be cooler than pants). I need to take  all of my lotions and 'potions' with me.
 Hip, hip hooray!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time on the trip.
    Be sure to take some photos to share with us.
    Happy for you!!

    1. Linda not take photos? LOL! I am sure we can expect it.

  2. Linda, I am happy for you to get to have a fun bus trip. I love bus trips myself. Rest and enjoy. Blessings , oxoxo, love, Susie

  3. I am so very happy for you Linda that are are able to enjoy some of the summer. I wish I was able to do stuff like that. Have fun!

  4. Enjoy your day dear friend, praying for YOU! HUGS!

  5. May you have a wonderful trip with nice weather!

  6. I'm happy you are feeling good enough to take a bus trip. Isn't it so nice to let someone else do the driving? Sit back and relax, enjoy!