Monday, July 11, 2016

Here A Book, There A Book, Everywhere A Good Book

This series of books was recommended by my granddaughter who is an AVID reader, an entrepreneur, and a very self motivated 13 year old.
The GIVER series (of 4 books) was written by Newbery award winner Lois Lowry. It's a young adult series that I really enjoyed.

It takes place in a somewhat perfect, very well controlled, and planned society. Spouses are matched, children are requested from birth mothers, life is planned for the residents, there is no color....very different from what we free will, no choices.
The ensuing books take place in different communities with different ways of life. One of the characters from book 1 runs away and shows up in the remaining books. In the 3rd book the young boy from the first book is a little older and learns of his special posers, each of the characters has a special power. The trade-master appears in the 3rd  and 4th books. He's evil,  but not everyone knows that. The last book takes place about 15 years later and the boy from the first book is searching for his mother.....the trade-master appears again....what does he want in trade to help them reunite?
I really enjoyed these books and recommend the series. They are not long books....I think several of them are about 200 pages. I do not like to give too much away when talking about a book because I want YOU to read it. 
Thanks for the recommendation Ava! And Bev, thanks for passing it along to me. 


  1. I love the fact that your grandchild loves reading. My girls were good readers also. They would join the summer reading club at our library. My daughter Kathy joined the weekly reader book club and would get a book in the mail every 6 weeks or so. She has those books now. I hope she can pass them to grands one day. Hope you are doing well and not have too much hot heat there. Blessings, xoxo Love you, ,Susie

  2. Sounds like a good series. Do you have the books? May I borrow?

  3. These books look like great reads! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way dear friend!