Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Red Hat Fiesta

 Finally I attended one of our Red Hat meetings.....either I didn't feel good, had no appetite, or just didn't feel like going out in the evening. Last night our queen held our  annual picnic at her house. She has a big back yard and put out a fabulous spread (all on her own). I've been feeling good (even tho an acquaintance told a mutual friend that I look 'peaked') and wanted to go. It was a great time and I ate lots of food. 

Here's most of our group - I'm in the pink sweatshirt behind the tripod. I wasn't hiding on purpose. 
 Some of the fabulous food, this photo doesn't do it justice. 
In the Chicago area they like their corn on the cob with mayo and Parmesan cheese. I tried it, but I already had butter on it and the corn wasn't hot anymore. MAYBE another time.

We had strawberry Margaritas to drink, regular or non alcoholic. YUMMY
My first one had 1/2 a shot, my 2nd one was a virgin. 

The yard is a work in progress, but she had it decorated very nicely. We always have a good time at Sandi's. It was so nice just to sit and visit. 

I slept until after 9 this I guess that staying up later than usual and all the fresh air made me sleepy.


  1. I am so glad that you felt like going. I am thankful that you had a nice time and it looks like she done quite a job getting things ready.

  2. Linda, I loved your gatherings. How fun to be with your lady friends and have good food too. I have never eaten corn in that style before. Good for you sleeping late. Blessings for a great weekend coming up. July is flying by sweet friend. Love you, xoxo, Susie

  3. Awesome recap of the get together. It was wonderful. Even the weather cooperated!