Thursday, July 7, 2016

More Books

I read a lot, a couple of hours every day. That was my plan for the summer and I do enjoy it. Today it was very overcast and it did rain in the afternoon, so I stayed in all day and worked on putting together our spare room that Kevin painted. My mom liked rainy days and I couldn't understand that.....but now I do.....the weather forced me to stay inside and do something. And I have over 4000 steps today, that's a lot for me, just walking around the house.
One book I recently finished was this e-book.
A young woman boards a plane to her wedding that she's going to cancel because of a break up with her fiancee. takes some Dramamine, and has a drink.....a bad combo. 
She tells her story to the passenger she sits next to before she 'passes out'. He gets her off the plane....and that's when it starts. He meets her family....she finds a 'substitute' groom...where? who? what happens?

I also read a REAL book by the same author as Me Before You.
Have you seen the movie? I read the book but didn't feel like going to the movie.
It's about a single mother (dysfunctional family) whose motto is ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING. They meet up with a single man who befriends them. Read about their unusual relationship. I liked both of these books. I'm taking a break from murder mysteries. 

Come back for more book reviews soon!


  1. I have always understood how mom felt about rainy days. If it is nice out, I feel like I MUST be outside doing something.(even though I don't feel up to it.) I wish I could get back to reading BOOKS. I also wish I could get back to counted cross stitch.

  2. I love reading. I've already read 45 books from January to June! I plan to read at least 100 by December. I'm always looking for books to read. I haunt Goodwill once a week