Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Mail Week

Actually I shouldn't call it mail, I should say deliveries. I get some pretty cards, that post will be later.
Yesterday I was feeling kind of lazy and light headed so I took it easy. Thankfully the UPS and Fedex guys didn't.
I received a couple of orders of medical supplies, not my favorite things to find at my front door. When I found a shoebox at my door yesterday I was excited.

I love Birkenstocks and have 8-10 pairs of slip on sandals.....but with my foot problem I have a hard time walking in them so now I wear a shoe that covers my whole foot. Two of my 4 pairs of flats are well worn, cheapies from Walmart, and the other 2 pairs are more dressy. My friend wears Skechers with the memory foam and she says they are so comfortable. I have wide feet and the toes on my right foot are deformed so I have a hard time with shoes lately.  I like to  try shoes on before I buy and I wanted these particular shoes. I love, love the colors. I think they are last year's style .....but I found some online and took a chance and ordered them.
They are fabulous! The sole is so soft and the woven outer adjusts well to my wide feet. 
I would definitely consider buying another pair.

Next I want to talk about the great customer service I got from Amazon. I have a small, cheaper Kindle Fire and ever since last fall I have a VERY hard time connecting to Wifi when I am away from home. After talking to several customer (no service) reps a I finally got a woman who understood my problem. She told me my Kindle was still under warranty and thought it needed to be replaced. I received a return label via email and UPS'd it to Amazon. They kept in touch with email consistently and 4 or 5 days later I had a new Kindle. I was going to test it yesterday while I was at my therapy appointment but I forgot to bring it along. I just like to pass along good service. 
Hope your week is going well!!


  1. Love your shoes(and colors especially).

    1. What kind are they? I might want some.

    2. what size are yours, do they run a 1/2 size larger?

  2. I love my Skechers for fit and comfort! The older one gets, especially with foot problems, comfort is key!

  3. All I wear is Skechers now! Flip flops, closed toes, whatever I wear it is Skechers!!

  4. Those shoes are so pretty with all those colors. I need shoes with comfy soles and padded heel areas and Clarks work great for me. Good to know about Skechers.

  5. Oh those shoes are adorable! I hope they are comfy for a long time! I love Amazon and have not had anything but good service from them! Enjoy your weekend dear Linda, HUGS!

  6. OMG! I love those! I where ano 11 wide it is so hare to find cute shoes! You say those are sketchers? They are fantastic!

  7. OMG! I love those! I where ano 11 wide it is so hare to find cute shoes! You say those are sketchers? They are fantastic!