Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I'm not sure who recommended the book, but I had it reserved on Overdrive and it was available so I downloaded it. It's a short book, 150 pages. 

The author suffered a massive stroke that left him paralyzed from his neck down. At 43 and an active national magazine editor he was definitely out of his realm of activities. He's a father of 2 young children and wants to maintain a relationship with them. He is what they call 'locked in'....his brain works fine but his body is confined to a wheelchair or bed.
He's fortunate that he often has visitors and is able to spend time with his son and daughter. Even though he can only blink on eye and move his head he communicates with a letter board. This was not an easy process but he perseveres. He's determined to share his story, which miraculously he does. He describes his daily activities, his thoughts, and how  he 'lives' in his brain.....he often relives actions, food, travels, feelings.
It definitely made me realize how blessed I am!!!


  1. Linda, I think this book's been made into a movie. I can't remember who stars in it. Sure will make us count our blessings. Strange how some people can rise above tragedy , while something very small can tear others down. I hope to be brave and strong when I need to be. Blessings to you, hope you got to be outside in nice weather while reading. xoxo, Love, Susie

  2. The power of books to inspire and encourage us is amazing. YOU are an inspiration.....don't ever forget that!! Love and prayers from Texas!

  3. Love books like this. Have a blessed day dear Linda, HUGS!

  4. I have a daughter whom became a paraplegic at the age of 21 because of a boating accident. She has always felt blessed because she has upper body function....but life is anything but easy for her! She's married and a mom to 2 and expecting her third. She certainly is an inspiration to many.
    Not sure if I can read this book or not....Even though it's been 17 years, it's still fresh in the emotions for me. Her accident was a very hard experience to live through. On a positive note, God is good.....even through the rough!!