Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lake Geneva Mailboat Tour

On the road again............A few days ago two of  my friends and I took a bus tour to Lake Geneva go on a mailboat tour. It's about a 2-1/2 hour drive and I almost think that for the price we paid we might have been better off driving down ourselves. I was picked up at 5:30 on an already hot day. After about 4 other pick up stops the bus was on the way to southern Wi. We arrived at the Walworth dock with just enough time to take a bathroom break and board the mailboat
I've heard about this and wanted to go on it for a few years, finally I found a day trip.
Let me tell you there is money in this area. Mansions were built by such famous people as  the founder of Montgomery Ward, Sears. Wrigley, Maytag, Schwinn, etc. Huge houses! Many people came over after the great Chicago fire.
from the internet:
Stone Manor is the largest estate ever built on Geneva Lake and probably the most talked about.   This colossal lakefront property is often mistaken as the Wrigley Mansion by tourists talking on the streets of Lake Geneva.  Otto Young, started building this historic home 1899, and originally called the mansion Younglands.  Otto came from an affluent family in Germany, however when he came to the USA in the mid 1800’s, he was virtually broke.  He started his American business life selling costume jewelry from a pushcart on the sidewalks of New York City.  Over the years, his business skills blossomed and he stockpiled an enormous fortune.
His story amazes me.

Geneva lake is a big lake, over 5000 acres.
the 3 stooges?

Like I said: it was a hot of our hottest. We were almost the last ones on the boat and had to climb up to the top. We had to look at the TV monitors to watch the mail jumpers deliver. We had a nice breeze to keep us cool, we weren't hot at all. A canopy covered the upper deck. I was brave and took off my hat because it has a floppy brim and I would have had to hold on to it and also the people behind me wouldn't be able to see. I didn't put it back on for the rest of the hair is 3/4" long and I HATE wearing a hat all the time.
A very few of the homes we saw, can you get the picture?

Kids were swimming all over, boats galore, I could spend my summers there.....but NOT in one of those mansions. They are obscene....selling for $16,000,000 and down. 
All around the lake is a 21 mile long walking path at the water's edge. People are encouraged to walk it, as long as you stay on the path you are OK, but don't walk on the lawn.
After the tour we stopped for lunch at a Victorian mansion. We were supposed to get a tour, but didn't. Lunch took a LONG time....a fruit cup, Chicken salad on a croissant, and chocolate mouse. Very good, but slow. 

 There were all kinds of hats to wear, I chose this one and didn't want to leave it there.....but I did. I think I am a 'hat person'.
We agreed that it wasn't the best tour we've taken, nor the worst. We enjoyed it and had a great day. Thanks for coming along.


  1. I am always astounded at the size and price of some homes! As beautiful as they may be, I don't think I'd ever be comfortable living in one. An interesting tour.

  2. When Dan was small (still in a crib) we stayed in Lake Geneva for vacation. We took the boat tour. Do you know that most of those mansions are empty most of the year? It certainly is a beautiful, affluent area! Glad you enjoyed, heat and all!

    1. Yes, I dId know that many of the homes are summer homes, I just forgot to write it down. The ones that have mail delivered by the mailboat are the summer people. The kids that jump off the boat and deliver the mail are 15,16,17 . They jump off put the mail in the mailbox and jump back on the boat . One gal even did a cart wheel onto the boat . They have a ledge about a foot wide to jump on