Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Last of My Bayfield Trip

I've dragged this trip out, don't you think???
Friday we had a tour of Bayfield....beautiful homes...big homes.....lots of flower gardens....not many lawns.....money in this area. Famous people have owned homes here or have come for vacations....of course I can't remember names now.

Rows of bee balm. While we were there I overheard a mother and her daughter discussing an upcoming wedding in that area. We watched the hummingbirds when we were there.

One of the orchards we stopped at.

My travel companions picked some blueberries. They were delicious!!!
A light from one of the lighthouses.....in a museum.
 Beautiful flowers are all over.
 The first jail.
 A few houses had little guest houses next to them, I didn't get any photos though. They had been barns from when everyone had a cow or two. 
 The Rittenhouse bed & breakfast is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
We had a fabulous lunch and toured the house and garden. A few of the rooms were of an 'ordinary' size with very nice bedrooms....the newer, remodeled rooms were very elaborate with sitting rooms, fireplaces, hot tubs, and more.....much too fancy just to spend a night in.

 the dining area
 One of the rare spirit house in the Indian cemetery. 
Many Ojibwe graves were covered by traditional spirit houses where food and offerings were placed for the deceased until they had passed on to the spirit world.  

Our last night we visited the 

Big Top Chautauqua tent show.

It reminded me of a circus.....all tents....selling food & drinks, souvenirs, etc. 
the show was really good and I enjoyed it.

 On of the ways to upcycle old skis....there were fences and walls too. 
 We stopped at this orchard on the way home. 
 This area is famous for its brownstone.
 In the museum before I 'swam' in Lake Superior. 
My 'after swim' outfit. 

 I always take advantage of these goofy photo ops. 
 On the way home we stopped in Mercer for a bathroom break. Guess what? There was one bathroom for both sexes. This was a small visitor center.
Loon day was coming up..............craft, music, food. We asked if we could stay for the week...but it was not to be, the tour guide had a different itinerary. 

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