Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dumb Miscellaneous Stuff

This picture doesn't really go iwth this post, I don't feel outstanding today, but I guess that's OK.

It sure gets dark early lately *sad face*, fall is definitely in the air *sad face again*, and you know what that means.....winter is next *another sad face*.
Today I just hung out at home doing a little of  this and a little of that. First some food (that I stuffed into the freezer) fell on the floor so I had to clean up the floor. 
Then I washed the windows on our screen doors....a real pain because they have grille work on them and I couldn't get the windows off so I had to stuff a towel behind the metal and try to get it clean. GRRRRR.....all that on my hands and knees.....not the easiest position to get up from. 
I am still working on our extra bedroom.....putting vinyl letters on the wall isn't as easy  as you might think.....I have 3 lines and only 1 on the wall. I'll get it done this week. I worked on that this afternoon too. 
I burned the french fries I had in the oven for my supper...none for Kev, he was golfing.
I got my 250 steps every hour today on my fitbit...won the 'game' I play with my friend. I'll also get my goal of 5000 steps for the day....not a lot, but it's my goal.
Nothing exciting planned for tomorrow.....WHAT WILL I DO???


  1. I was outstanding today, too. Or...standing out. I got all my dots and the 5000 also. Don't be saying it's not much. I think it is outstanding! It is for me so it is for you, too!

  2. I will remember this when I don't feel outstanding:) Hope you have a beautiful and productive, "feel good" kinda day! HUGS!