Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bayfield/Madelinne Istand

Wednesday morning I was up early so I would be ready to leave at 6:30AM. (I was pretty excited to be able to go on a bus trip, I had cancelled a couple of others. One of my goals for retirement was to go on some trips.) I lolly gagged for 10 minutes because it doesn't take me much time to get my makeup done and I was doing just fine .........until.......I was taking my pills.......I had them sorted into different days. Well. I dumped almost 3 days worth out. I spent a good 10 minutes counting and sorting them into the correct days. Finally I'm off...........I get to my friend's house and gee, something stinks.....not garbage or the car, but??? We chat with her hubby and we're on the  road. We got to the park'n ride just in time for a bathroom break and the bus is ready to go.
 We're pleasantly surprised to find that the tour director had donuts/sweet rolls and juice /coffee for us.
We had rain at our rest stop....but it let up as we got to our first destination WISCONSIN CONCRETE GARDEN. I was there last year so we just glanced over the park and checked out the gift shop. 

Lunch was at a bar/restaurant. We weren't impressed....but....our lunch in Park Falls was delicious. The bus had to take a detour because of heavy, heavy rains a couple o weeks earlier.
In the afternoon we stopped at the Northern Great Visitor Center in 
Ashland, Wi. It's beautiful!
Just one of their many, over sized murals. It's a great museum. 
We arrived at our casino hotel about 5:30PM.

I don't think this place was really familiar with  bus trips because the tour director had to fight for everything we got. Thank goodness she knew what was in the contract!
They forgot about the $25 in play money.... and one free meal, in addition to the breakfast (which was not very good nor did they offer a variety of items). The casino was tight, the rooms were just as nice as any other, but they didn't offer tea, only coffee (a no no in my book.)
Our view. 
The rest of our trip will be up soon. I have lots of photos and don't wanna put you to sleep.


  1. Sounds like an interesting trip; those murals are beautiful. I grew up in Wisconsin, a state dear to my heart. Did you win or lose at the casino? LOL.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good trip. The mural looks beautiful and I never tire of looking at bodies of water. TFS these photos and I look forward to seeing more if you have them.

  3. I am so glad you are having a fun trip. I love that area and traveling along that route. Sorry the accommodations aren't what you were hoping for but hope the rest of the trip makes up for it.
    xo Diana

  4. Oh that sounds like a load of fun! Can't wait to see more pictures! Have a blessed day dear Linda, HUGS!