Sunday, August 28, 2016

End Of Summer Weekend Pics

Just another weekend at my house.

A friend gave me a Georgia peach tomato to try.
Yes, it's ripe and yes, it is just as yellow on the inside. I'd say it's just a little milder than a red tomato. 

 Saturday morning we got up to rain....drat! I had invited my 3 grandsons over to play that day. After we ate lunch it stopped raining and later the boys, including their dad, went outside to play for a a bit. We also played some board games. I seldom see them but I am hoping to change that.
 Just recently the public library placed a Little Free Library at the school across the street. I asked the older boys to pick out some books to donate. They did a good job! The little library is 1/2 full  and my book shelf is a little cleaner.....a win, win situation.

Jalen stayed overnight.....he set my alarm for 6:30AM but I shut it off when it went off and we both fell back to sleep for 3 hours. After we got up and were dressed he finished his scrapbook and we were just about to have a late breakfast when dad called to say he had to go home b/c mom was coming soon to pick them up. Our plans were foiled and he was not happy. I told him to look on the bright side and not on the things that he did not get to do.
In the afternoon I washed the dishes and sat outside for while.
When Kevin came home from golf he suggested we go for a short ride and then get a bite to eat, so we did. I'm tired so am going to bed early....tomorrow I have some cleaning to do and lots of phone calls to make. 
Happy monday to everyone!!!


  1. What a wonderful surprise to see the boys at your house! Glad you had a nice visit. Good advice you gave.

  2. No better way to spend the day, surrounded by Grandkids puts a smile on my face too:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!