Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday's Haul

My car just can NOT pass the thrift store without turning in. 
It was Monday; I had 2 bags of stuff to drop off and a few things to get at the grocery store. 
This is what I found:
Iris 6 drawer mini cart (the drawers do not hold 12 x 12 paper but I can find something to store inside) $6
Pair of everyday shoes for my grandson for the days when he wears flip flops but shoes would be more appropriate
2 pair of socks for me
TALL tree topper to add to my collection 
brand new Pez dispenser for the grands
Dr Scholl inserts (new)
and a small Santa ornament.

All this for $12. This was a very expensive shopping trip for me.
I think they charged more than I normally pay, but I can't complain. 

This is a Fossil crossbody bag I found last week for $3, now that was a deal.

It was another lazy day, I spent most of the morning reading in the sunshine. My friend stopped over after lunch and we chatted for a while, later in the afternoon I finally planted the rest of my plants....except a few I want to transplant. Rain is predicted for tonight and we need I won't complain...or I'll try not to. 
Hubby fixed a hole in the deck after he came home from golfing. Still nothing as far as job interviews go. 

What will the rest of the week bring???


  1. What a HAUL!!!! Speaking of rain, here in Texas we have had a whole year's worth of rain in the first 6 months!! More in the forecast but NO FLOODING, thank the Lord!

  2. Great finds, I love to shop thrift stores!