Friday, June 26, 2015

Ups and Downs and Downs and Ups

Normally (in my mind) my life is pretty quiet and boring...and generally I like it that way. Lately it seems like it's been a roller coaster ride. 
Kevin's son moved in for a few weeks until Kev blew his stack and told him to leave, it was not pretty and I don't think he was right, but he's not my son so I kept my mouth shut.
Then there was lots of drama with grandson J and his mom and me so he couldn't come over here. One of the things I was told was that if all 3 boys (ages 11, 10, 4) can't spend the night then no one can. I had to say no b/c she is NOT going to TELL me....ask and I most likely will say yes. I am not a big fan of people telling me what to do, unless it is someone with legitimate authority over me. 
Actually the 4 year old is a handful so I prefer to have the older ones only. All of the boys were over one afternoon for 2-1/2 hours and I took all 3 to the amusement park the week before....but those don't count.

 It's not my fault she lives with her parents and she doesn't make time for the boys. Actually the 10 year old stays every saturday night here. I am not responsible for that tradition. My 12 year old granddaughter was here and his heart was broken and so was mine.

When it was convenient for mom (several days later) the older boys did come over, but once again I was told both or none could stay overnight. I said sure.....the older ones are easy. The 11 year old decided not to spend the night anyway. That worked out good b/c grandson J wanted some alone time with Ava.

The next morning was summer school...but....I forgot to set my alarm the night before b/c it didn't seem like a week day....the kids were here, Kev is not working and I never know what day it is. Oh called again and read the riot act to J and me. There's more to that story but I am not going into detail. It turned out OK b/c that afternoon I took Ava and all 3 boys (my intentions all along) to some local caves. We had tons of fun.

After that mom let J come along when I took Ava to meet her mom and he spent the night again. I think she realized that he had not lied to her....altho she never apologized to him. I think when a parent wrongs a child he/she should apologize. Love is NOT never having to say you're sorry...but being thoughtful enough to SAY you're sorry. 
Now our house is quiet, very quiet and we like it.
Ava is not a problem at all, she takes care of herself, eats a lot, and is always pleasant. 
After some finagling I figured out that my washer was not even moving the clothes around...not even a little. It's sad to think that my dish cloths were actually getting more cleaning action while I was washing dishes than in the washer.....eeewww. Then it decided not to work at all. So.....I shopped....researched....and got a new one today.  Guess what I am washing first? Whites, of course. 
My youngest son, who doesn't talk to me, (long story that I do not want to get into) was in an auto accident and broke several ribs, toes, and chipped a part of his dislocated hip. His hip is back in place now and he's home but is in a lot of pain and bored somethin' awful. His girlfriend was waiting for me at the hospital, she's a keeper! He better keep her! I stayed and talked to her after Jason fell asleep and she gave me a sincere hug. She wants us to heal our relationship. I've met her but never really talked to her.
Both of my sons have picked wonderful women to be with. If it wasn't for my DIL, Connie, I don't think I'd have any relationship with my oldest son or their children. My daughter also has a great husband. Granddaughter Ava says she lives in a 'MOMocracy' works great for them. They live in the country and have 3 children (7, 12, 15) that are involved in various activities. Sometimes the children carpool, but usually mom or dad drives them to where they need to be. Dad also volunteers at the humane society with Ava b/c that is what she wants to do. She is thinking of becoming a veterinarian. 
The past 2 days have been perfect (weather wise) and I love sunny, warm weather. It was kind of nice to wash a load or 2 of clothes at 8am and then hang them out at 9am. Yesterday I was so lazy, I sat on the deck and finished my book. It was really good and I think I'll post about it later. The day before I got a lot accomplished so I think I deserved a lazy day.
Today I am doing laundry and blogging. Jalen's brother called me to say that J could stay here this afternoon after I picked him up from school (I take and pick up, I volunteered b/c I knew no one else would and I think it's a good thing to get out of the house for part of the day) one seems to's OK, he's easy....a couch potato for the most part. I'll take him 'home' around 4:30pm b/c Kev and I are driving in the Cool City Classic Car Cruise. We don't have a classic car but the Solstice is a limited car so he likes to drive it. I enjoy doing that with him.
Have a good weekend!
Thanks for being so patient with me.


  1. Linda, I love, love, love, all my grandkids...but I like to be asked and I mean asked nicely if I would like them over or if I could sit with them...of course they are all almost grown , or so it seems. I have done for each kids and theirs . I hope you can mend fences with all the children....Life is way too short. I know that some kids act entitled...don't even get me started on that. LOL. You have been thru so much, you need to think of your health...emotions are a big part of health. Sending big prayers and hugs to you Linda. xoxo,Susie

  2. Being a parent to adult children requires quite a bit of tight rope walking - or so it seems to me!
    We all just do the best we can!

  3. Glad that your boys have nice girl friends. There is hope!