Saturday, June 13, 2015

You Know It's Time To Clean The Birdfeeder When.... and What Else Is On My Mind

Yes, It's time to clean out the birdfeeder and start over when the bird seed sprouts. I guess that is why it had a cover. 
Said cover will be going back on as soon as I can get outside to clean out this mess. It became disconnected and I never put it on this year. Either it's been rainy or I have been gone so it hasn't been taken care of. I should have time this week.

It was damp, rainy, and cool today but I and a friend managed to go to the local garden fair. I didn't get any photos but we came home with a car load of stuff. We saw tons of flowers, yard art, some clothing, and jewelry too. We each got a HUGE hanging fuschia for $15 (they took up my entire back seat) and some other things too. I ran out of money and was cold so after about 2 hours we came home. I try to go and pick up some new plants every year.

Now I have a rant....or 2.
I HATE my Maytag HE top loading washer. Ever since we got it, over a year ago, I said it did not get the clothes clean, especially the whites where it is noticeable. 
Finally, after months of looking at socks that smelled clean but looked filthy I decided to soak the socks that had been washed THREE times (my standard procedure for whites) in hot water with bleach and double rinsed. I soaked the socks overnight and this is what the water looked like. I drained the water and soaked them again in detergent and the water looked just as dirty. The next day I drained off that water and used a bleach soak. 

The sock in the middle was the one I soaked.
Several people on facebook have commented that they now have to soak socks too. 

I very seldom had to soak clothes before. The HE washers are supposed to save water.....How much am I saving if I have to soak every d** load of whites???? 
Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and you don't have a problem.....I know I am not alone though and I will continue to let anyone, who might care just a teeny bit, how much I hate this washer. It doesn't even have a soak cycle...if it did I could deal with it much easier. You can bet your boots that IF we ever buy a new washer I am going to check it out VERY thoroughly!!!

And I am not done yet..............
Our 10 year old grandson comes over every saturday night.....unless he is being punished. He hates living with his mom's parents and does not always help out or act respectful (so I am told). He's not as easy going as his older brother, who loves living with the other grandparents. But the only punishment Jalen gets is not coming over here.
He started to cry when he called to tell me he couldn't come over.
It is soooooooo lonely here when he's not here. I like my quiet time  but saturday nights are for him!

No sunshine, only thundershowers, predicted for tomorrow, so my new flowers will stay in their tiny containers for a couple of days yet. 

Thanks for stopping by and 'listening' to me rant.....sometimes I just gotta!


  1. Jim's socks only get as white as the middle one. My washer as a "presoak" selection on it. I always use if for my whites.

  2. Note to self: don't buy a Maytag washer!
    I hope whoever's idea it is to punish Jalen by not allowing him to come to your house will think of a different way to set boundaries with him!