Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

I found this patch at the thrift store the other day for 50 cents. It's brand new and was from Hobby Lobby, don't know if they still carry these. It's appropriate and I had to have it!
When I first started to write this post I thought I'd be a day late....but I'm not. Now that neither of us is working it's hard for me to figure out what day it is.....guess I need to check the day on the right, lower, corner of my computer screen more often.

Now that Eastin is living here I see his sons more often. This week he's working extra shifts because they are shorthanded so I haven't seen them this week. 
Last weekend the 4 year old got angry and threw his Mexican jumping beans on the floor, Eastin wasn't too happy with him so he slapped him and spoke very loudly to him. The way L was sobbing I would have thought Eastin hit him with a baseball bat but I was in the house so knew what was going on. L cried really hard for about 5 minutes...then
Grandson L "dad?"
Eastin "What L?"
Grandson L "best dad ever"
I am so glad they got over it so quickly, don't you wish more people were like that? I do.
I was amazed at how fast he turned it off and was a nice little boy again. Grandson J stays angry longer. 

Some good news~
Kev has a job offer from a place about 45 minutes from here. He really wants the malting company job that he applied for (nearby) and he's giving them until Friday afternoon to respond to his resume, phone call, and email. Friday afternoon he's talking to the other company. The pay is ok, it's a line of work he knows, but he's never had to commute before so that's not up his alley. 

I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Not sure what you meant by "slapping him".
    I am glad that your hubby got a job offer. I hope he gets the one he really wants.

  2. He slapped his hand for throwing the container of jumping beans.

  3. Good. I am just so sensitive when it comes to kids.