Saturday, June 6, 2015

One My Way Home I Found.....

Today was a gorgeous day! 
A friend and I worked on a project at the library today (more about that in another post).
I passed many garage sales on my way home but I just don't need any more 'stuff' so I didn't stop at any. These things and lots more were piled by the curb in front of a house that was not having a sale....I wasn't sure why they were there...too good to be free. I continued home, used the bathroom, got a drink, and remembered I forgot to stop at the grocery off I go again. I decided to drive past that house on my way (it's out of my way for the store) and I saw a free sign. 
I'm gonna stop!!!
And I did. Look what I found: two, yes 2, metal watering cans (one does not have the end on it, there was one more but I left it), there is nothing wrong with the ladders (I think I'll use them for plants), the plastic drawer unit already has a place in the corner of my bedroom (to replace something that is not quite working) , the Life is Good  sign will be outside on the deck fence (it will replace the sunflower screen painting that Kev threw out).

Another woman pulled up right after I did and was picking up stuff too. The homeowner came out and said she was just getting rid of stuff...."I'm not going to have a garage sale" she said, and she was putting out more as she cleaned the garage. My car was full and I had to buy some, hubby did not see my stash...he was golfing. 
He's finished with the deck and put the furniture out this afternoon. Now I can enjoy any nice days we might have with a table and decent chair. 
But not tomorrow.....rain is predicted and we are heading to my daughter's. 


  1. Wow! What awesome free stuff! I love that Pepsi crate!! Everything is really nice though. Good thing you had to go back to the grocery store. :) Enjoy visiting your daughter.

  2. That is a lot of nice stuff! I woonder what else she put out there. Guess she was purging!

  3. Great find. I was going to mention the Pepsi crate too. We have to rearrange my living room today.(there's a reason)

  4. Nice FREE finds! Cute white ladder!

  5. I can't believe K threw out your sunflower pic! Arghhh! Great finds. Oh that plastic thing would find a place in my craft area! That little ladder would be perfect for a short little friend! You are so lucky, Linda!

  6. Wow! Great stuff. Yes the ladders will look nice with plants on them!

  7. Wow! Great stuff. Yes the ladders will look nice with plants on them!

  8. Cool! You always find the best stuff!